Saturday, April 10, 2010

Chapter : A Long Distance Date

A very interesting day happened. For the first time in my entire life, I actually experienced a long distance date with someone. Yes, you are reading it right, LONG distance date. So one might think how the world can that exists? Apparently in my world, it does
Well, the special person (my date) prepared some stuffs for me to read and follow like a treasure map but not quite searching for a treasure you know? I don’t know how to explain it but I hope somehow you are able to get a picture.
So waking up and getting ready to set off for my little adventure! Though it is supposedly to be winter, but the weather was really hot as though it was still summer! I was actually sweating under the sun walking around. It was interesting because I get to know my date better though he was like gazillion miles away. It’s like talking to yourself but not quite because you are actually reading what was written on the paper and pretending to have a normal conversation with the person in your head. Oh dear, I’m spewing nonsense. Let’s move on…
Walking around South Brisbane then towards South Bank where I normally attend my classes there. My date told me to text him when I arrived at the Graduate Center. So I did, and then he told me to find an “alphabet” looking structure and there would be a note for me. Honestly speaking, I got freaked out because I was like a note, for me? In the structure? Am I being stalked? So like looking around my surroundings thinking there would be a suspicious looking person keeping watch at me knowing my every move while I approached the structure and truthfully enough there was a note there and I was like super spooked because I was like thinking, how in the world did the note get there? Then I remembered that I read stuffs about him leaving notes previous for a girl that he used to like. So I assumed that the note was left for her two years ago, surviving the rain, wind and sun. It’s like the Holy Grail in paper form! But later he told me that he asked an accomplice to help him put the note there and I was like thinking that I have finally retrieved a “holy grail”!
Continuing my journey, walking across the bridge while reading the stuffs that was written in the paper, I realized that my date has a very interesting past when it comes to girlfriends and drunken friends. At least he did know how to enjoy life to the fullest. That’s a great positive thinking in life there! so eventually our date came to an end because there wasn’t anything left for me to follow. It’s an interesting thing because I took pictures of the places that I visited while holding a so called mug shot of his face with me. Passerby’s thought that I was insane because I was taking pictures of a paper with a person’s face against the background using my PHONE. Yeah, I didn’t have a camera because the battery wasn’t charged properly hence I had to use my alternative camera. My phone.   
Went back home, edited the stuffs and send to my date and hopefully he enjoyed himself as much as I did while smiling like an idiot taking pictures of a paper within a background. Maybe they know that I’m an animator, hence known as an art student so therefore the reason and understanding why I would be taking pictures of a paper. Us art students have the license to be unreasonable and crazy.
Now I have to get back to work. Final year in my Masters and I’m praying really hard that I will be able to succeed in whatever I have to do. Wish me luck my dear people!

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