Monday, April 26, 2010

Chapter : Pew

I have started the word of the day thing on my MSN status message and today’s word is “PEW.” Funny thing how I came to this word is thanks to this guy. We were talking about churches and stuffs and he was telling me a joke about pews. 

I didn’t get it of course because due to my lack of understanding bombastic words or not knowing certain things are named that way. Then Jason found out that I didn’t get the joke and he was like

“Do you know what’s a pew?”

And dumbly enough, or maybe due to my selective hearing…or basically I just am deaf, I heard

“Do you know what’s a Jew?” (No offence to anyone, it’s just me. I’m sorry.)

Then he saw my puzzled expression I think and he showed me a link about pews. Apparently pews are those benches, well I call them benches that we sit and pray to God at church. Who knew that they were called pews?! I know spews, because I myself am always spewing nonsensical stuffs.

So to those who don’t know what a pew is, here a picture for you guys. That is the same picture that Jason showed to me what a pew is. Now, I can hereby say, I learn something new every day or maybe it’s just me because I don’t go out much and live in my own fantasy world with ponies, unicorns, rainbows or something. 


mr jp said...

haha , you're so random its adorable :P

alwizhyper said...

but you always known me to be random. :)

i shall live in my world of ponies, unicorns and rainbows. that's a happy place to be and be friends with care bears! oh yea. :P