Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Chapter : Dead, Reincarnated Laptop

This is a little short update that I’m going to do for today. To summarize what has happened, well…my laptop died on me. Literally died, went to heaven and reincarnated again. 

It’s because my hard disk for my laptop decided to take its own life and thus without any warning leaped onto lift up to heaven leaving me to curse its existence. Why you might ask that I was such a foul temper when my laptop decided to leave me? It’s simple. 

  1. All my researches that I have conducted for I don’t know how long is gone. I have to start from scratch again and my project is due in 5 weeks.
  2. The work that I was working on didn’t get to save in time because it went into the BLUE SCREEN OF DOOM!!! There goes my effort down the drain.
That’s the major two reasons that I could give to you.

Thankfully, my sister’s boyfriend managed to salvage some files, mainly my work that was stored previously but all my other programs and other random stuffs are gone. Like seeing your money flying away when you are paying your taxes or something.

Now my laptop is up and running (using what used to be my external hard drive, plus from 230 GB to 500 GB upgrade!) though I feel that something is amiss from my previous lagging, dying laptop. I have to reinstall so many things as usual and also, finding out what programs that I used to install in my laptop. It’s such a pain to do all these things but I must be thankful because I have well, my laptop back. A healthier one I hope and doesn’t do drugs or get sick easily. 

Another thing that made my day was thanks to this person. He drew a comic for me and that’s the sweetest thing anyone have done for me! He is the person that I had the long distance date with and the one who teaches me about pews. He makes me smile, in a special way if you know what I mean. 

Now I have to get to bed because I have a meeting with my lecturer tomorrow and I couldn’t do anything because my laptop died on Monday (just few days ago) and it’s up and running now but couldn’t get any work done. Hopefully she doesn’t screw me because I have not much to show her.

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