Monday, May 3, 2010

Chapter : Tamborine Park

I have decided to blog, again. It seems that I have been blogging fairly often unlike the other months where you can only see ONE posts at most TWO blog posts. Brisbane is having another long weekend and today, its Labour Day thus, a public holiday. 

One thing about Brisbane and public holidays is that, there is NOTHING and I stress, NOTHING is opened. All the shops will be closed; barely any restaurants are open unless the “greedy” ones that will open so they could charge the 15% surcharge for their services. Other than that, the roads are empty; the place is pretty quiet and slow. It makes me feel like I’m living on the country side, counting sheep and falling asleep. 

My dad is down at the Coast for some business trip and the entire household together with my two ex-housemates and friend decided to have a BBQ trip down to Tamborine Park. The journey was long because Min Wye was driving and we were relying on the GPS to get us there. Lesson learned, never ever put your entire faith on GPS. It took us a while to reach to our designated spot as Patrick was the one who found the place and planned the trip down…err up North. Forgive me, I’m hopeless in Geography. Put me in a jungle and equipped me with a compass and a map, I’m dead.

Finally we reached our destination! I was starving until I wasn’t hungry anymore. If you might wonder, how can it be? Don’t ask, even I don’t know how to explain how my body works. The place is lovely; a lot of green and well, it’s pleasant, quiet and nice. It was a nice getaway from the “busy” city life once in a while. Well, compared to Kuala Lumpur, Brisbane looks pretty peaceful if you ask me. Took a while to set up the pit and thankfully it’s actually gas not the normal BBQ pit where you had to get charcoals, that oil thing and stuffs. I don’t know the names for these items, I always call it “the fire oil thingy.” I add thingy to the end of my sentence when I don’t know the name for certain items. 

The pictures shown are taken by my dad who got a new camera and was fiddling with it and my brother. If you are wondering what happened to my camera, well…I forgot to charge my camera’s battery so yeah, a thing that I would do. Bring a camera without bothering to check whether the camera’s battery is fully charged. 

Mushroom and onions. So delicious

So many cooks. Well, technically one cook and the rest were the "helpers"

I do not know the name of this bird but it was brave enough to "join" us with our meal. Well, more like watching us eat while we watch it staring at us eat.

Min Wye was trying to take the picture of that bird countless times but it always flew away before he could get a decent shot. My dad took this picture and asked me to move but I had food in my hands...hence the awkward pose.

We saw some waterfalls!

Isn't it beautiful? The water was really cold when I dipped my feet into it.

Wanted to find a picture with just the view but didn't have any. Meet Stephen, my ex-housemate.

I really wanted to swim but thought otherwise because the water's is cold and I don't go well with cold.

It was a lovely trip and I wouldn't mind another road trip like that in the future. Well, it would be different if I were back in Malaysia as I would probably only be going for food trips instead. So if you feel stressed and need to unwind, head down to the country side and breathe in some of the fresh air or take a cold dip in the clear clean springs! 

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