Monday, May 3, 2010

Chapter : Assignment Pt 3

I like to write my assignment stuffs that I need to do so it would remind me because I’m THAT forgetful in remembering what stuffs that I need to complete. So, there is four weeks left before I officially graduate with a Masters degree but within those four weeks, I have to complete these tasks before I could scream and celebrate for joy!

  • Character Design
    1. Princess
    2. Prince
    3. Evil Witch
    4. Fairy Godmothers (3 types)
    5. King (optional)
    6. Queen (optional)
    • Concept Design
      1. The castle (inside)
      2. The forest
      3. View of the castle from the outside (scenery)
      4. The broken bridge (obstacle)
      5. The spindle area
      6. Place where Sleeping Beauty sleeps
      7. Evil Witch castle

      All those pictures are to be traced and coloured in Flash

      • Research for presentation for Visual Analysis and Critical Reflection

      • Research for essay for Post Modernism and Modernism
      • Compile the games’ pitching bible must include
      1. Concept designs
      2. Character designs
      3. Market research (target audience)
      4. Budget summary (how much do these people get paid?)
      5. Detailed explanation of levels

      All statements must have a solid proof to back up when doing presentation

      • Flash ‘demo’ game
      • 1000 words statement
        • Freelance work
        1. Animate the iceberg
        2. Do the video editing
        3. Find someone to do the polar bear animation (2d) unless it isn’t needed anymore
        Wow, so many things to do. Looks like I will be sleeping in uni very often. Wish me luck!


        Karma said...

        I animated the ice berg already. Msg me about it when you see me online


        Bea said...

        for background refs, u can check out:

        still need help with the polar bear? i miss doing animation =P

        alwizhyper said...

        owh!well, they said they dont need polar bear anymore....

        i have to do some animation for my FLASH demo game. any ideas great sites that shows step by step tutorials via pix form instead of vid form?