Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Chapter : Halfway

It seems that every Tuesday at my place, there would be a little dancing class. My ex-housemate would come over to the place and teach my brother and my sister’s boyfriend steps for Salsa. I was asked to learn but I was like “Err, no I don’t dance.” The only dancing I do is with my fingers, I thought to myself. I remembered my days when I was a little innocent girl, my mom decided that it would be a great idea to put her daughter into dancing classes! I kid you not, I have done Latin dances such as cha cha, samba, rhumba, and so on…but I forgot all of the steps already. 

Back then when I was a little one, I hated the opposite sex. You might be like thinking, “But WHY?!” but in my defense, when you are at that age, you think that boys are just mean people and vice versa. They say mean things to you and make you cry. But in my case, they say mean things, I just beat them up. I wonder what happened to that boyish side of me. I guess I grew up and threw that side away…or not.

Anyway, as I’m typing this, I’m just watching my sister’s boyfriend partnering my ex-housemate’s guy friend (he is playing the girl role) dancing on the balls of his feet to give the impression that he is on heels. I find it hilarious because he is pretty buff and muscular dancing on tip toes. Now they are using some Salsa dancing terms. Oh boy, they sound like they are from a different world from mine. 

My mother is the type where she loves her kids to take up some form of artistic stuffs. Be it music or dancing. I took up piano classes before but I gave up because I didn’t like doing the theory. I took up dancing (okay, forced to take up) but stopped because I didn’t like the idea of being partner with a guy or was there another reason for this…I don’t remember. The only thing that I have managed to continue on was my art classes which I eventually stopped after 7 or 8 years because the fees were getting outrageous and the teacher was getting a bit of a snob. 

Oh, another thing which I took up and then gave up later which made my dad very disappointed in me was my Taekwondo classes. I was up to the 2nd last belt (Brown II one more to be Black) then I decided to give it up. My dad kept pestering me to continue it but I was totally against it and until now I didn’t know the reason why I gave it up in the first place.
Now looking back, I realized that I have taken up a lot of things and giving them up half way. I wonder whether it is some psychological matter. Should I see a psychiatrist for this and let them psycho me? Cause my parents always say, "You are always doing things halfway." And I know that it's a fact.

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