Thursday, May 20, 2010

Chapter : Am I Human?

Sometimes I wonder whether I’m really human. You might be wondering why, and I will explain to you my…daily routine for the past week.

  • I wake up in the morning, and if I have classes that day, I will attend them.

  • Then after that, I will rest for a bit, grab some lunch because I don’t want to die from starvation.

  • Once lunch break is over, I will look in the labs to see whether my favourite spot is taken.

  • If not, then I will sit there and start using the internet while waiting for my file to load.

  • After that I will start working on my final project while chatting to people on MSN, Facebooking, Twittering and having some show playing at the background. (Yes, I enjoy multitasking)

  • Then gradually will be engrossed in my work then will be hardworking for awhile before I find dinner. Mostly instant noodles or microwave foods, so unhealthy, I know.

  • After dinner break, watch whatever show that is being played then continue working till late at night.

  • Most of the time, I will be staying overnight in uni so I do not sleep.

  • After that, usually around 1 or 2 am my motivation will just disappear and I start procrastinating. I know bad habit!

  • After procrastinating for an hour or so, (probably more) I will force myself to continue my work but then I will start feeling hungry again. Supper time!

  • Mostly this is when I eat little chips bought from the vending machine or drinking a hot drink to keep myself warm because the uni seems to enjoy blasting the air con from time to time.

  • Supper time break over, continue working and then realizes its 6 am.

  • Contemplating whether to head out at 6 am since the public transports are in service but choose to head out slightly later around 7 am or at times 8 am.

  • Choosing between taking the train or the bus depending how tired I am or how hungry I am. I know, I eat a lot these days, it isn’t funny.

  • Reaching my stop, either I would get breakfast if I take the bus or just walk straight home if I take the train. Like I have said, depends how tired or how hungry I am.

  • Reach home, drop all my belongings on the little “study” table then on my laptop and surf for a little while then head upstairs to bed.

  • Normally during this time it would be around 9 am or close to 10 am and my body is shutting down on its own, I would just drop dead on my bed and fall asleep.

  • You might think I will sleep a GOOD EIGHT hours but unfortunately my body alarms wakes me up within 4 hours at maximum 5 hours unless I’m really exhausted.

  • Then once I freshen up, I’m back in front of my computer continuing other assignments that are due soon. But most of the time, mind isn’t focusing because either lack of sleep or lack of nutrients in brains. Here is when I choose to eat or not to eat lunch because I’m always full when I just wake up.

  • Browsing the internet again, chatting, checking through the usual websites I visit and mails, soon it will be dinner time.

  • Normally I would be helping out or stoning in front of the computer because body takes time to start up.

  • Dinner time break over, back in front of the computer and do the usual brain-wrecking assignments.Mostly not really fruitful.

  • Work and work throughout the time then realizes it’s almost 4 am and then head to bed.

  • Then the routine continues the next day…

So what do you think? Am I normal or not? Human? Yes or no? 

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tsuqi said...

it's normal! 4 hour sleep days for a month during my TOA final project. and it isn't very different either at work when the shit hits the fan. so be strong and u'll survive... one day at a time :D and thank goodness u don't have to drive!