Sunday, July 25, 2010

Chapter : The Special Someone

I took a little break from the internet because I was accompanying someone throughout the entire time. This special someone came to Brisbane to see me and spend some time with me. Even though I was the one staying in Brisbane, he was the one bringing around to places I have not been before. He played the tour guide, I played the tourist. It was fun.

Back story, remember a little post I had called A Long Distance Date? Basically my date put together some stuffs for me to follow while I held a mug shot picture of him looking a little crazy because well,
  1. I was holding a mug shot photo of my date
  2. I was taking pictures with the paper that had the mug shot photo
Anyway, continuing the story, I completed everything that stated in there and send him the pictures that I took along the way as “proof” that I have actually completed the entire journey. That’s when everything all began, the webcam chats, the constant flirtations and the in denial mode that I was in and eventually we became an item. 

So, he came to Brisbane, I met his friends, he met with Sylvia though he was supposed to meet Kelsie but she decided to change her flight to a later date so he couldn’t meet her in the end…he met my father, sister, brother and my sister’s fiancĂ©. My father asked him to stay for dinner on my birthday and my brother cooked for him. I guess that’s my birthday present from my brother…cooking for me and for him. 

We walked a lot. We hung out in the parks, sat on the Citycat (some ferry transportation…boat bus?) ate together, watched a movie together and loads more. It is fun to have spend some quality time with someone special again. But all these lovely moments have to come to an end. He just went back to Malaysia just this morning, I dropped him off at the bus station at 4 in the morning and now I have to focus on my studies all over again, resubmitting my master’s project and in hopes that I will do it better and pass it. 

Now it’s back to the webcam chats again and to end this entry, here’s the picture we took together at the Brisbane wheel. If you are able to see on my Facebook, the time where I held a mug shot photo of him at the Brisbane wheel here’s the couple shot. Enjoy!

From virtual to reality.


that special someone said...

There were still some places we didn't go, but it doesn't matter cause I was there for you :P

5 months is a short time hopefully, will miss you until then :)

ps: I think whats missing is my facial expression on that picture you chose for that wheel picture!

alwizhyper said...

next time. probably. LOL. but we did go to most places that you planned. :)

and yes, all that's missing is the facial expression! next time!! :)

missing you too!! :)