Saturday, July 31, 2010

Chapter : How I Met My Beau

A random entry for today since my brains is not working at the moment. Well, I feel slightly accomplished today as I managed to clean the room, wash the bed sheets and aired my pillow and blanket. Now if only I could keep this particular attitude when I’m doing my assignments…

A funny conversation I had with a friend of mine recently, she was asking me how I meet my current beau (I like to say beau at the moment cause it sounds much more fancier…) So I told her that I met him through a friend, though during that time we didn’t speak to each other as I had the moment of “all-men-were-evil” phase and we only exchanged his and byes or maybe we had a one-liner conversation before. I don’t remember… 

Then when I returned to Brisbane to complete my masters, I found him on Facebook and I thought to myself, “Hey, I recognize this person, let’s add him!” Then eventually he confirmed my friend request and he posted on my wall first wondering why I am not in the Rockband Tuesday anymore. So we started talking there and I thought he was the same as every single man out there in the world, pure evil with evil intentions…so I didn’t put that much effort in replying him and stuffs till we added each other on MSN. If you are wondering, “But you think that he was pure evil with evil intentions?! Why add him?” In my defense, I found him interesting…anyway, continuing on my story…

So, we started chatting on MSN every single day and I shared with him my webcam ONCE then the next day he surprised me by saying that he bought himself a webcam to chat with me. Now over here, everyone would probably say, “Awww, so sweet! He likes you!!” But in my mind, I was thinking, “Oh, cool! Now we can webchat we each other!” You see, even though that time I had feelings for him, but I’m always in denial thinking, “Nah, feelings? Like? I don’t think so! Maybe I had some huge ass dinner making me feel this way” OR “He likes me? Nah, he is just nice. He could probably use the webcam to chat with other people.”

This is where those who are my friends and hearing me say these things would whack me in the head and say, “Jessie, you stupid person.” It’s because when I told them that he invested in a webcam to chat with me and I find him very funny and stuffs and I could so imagine their faces when they replied, “Jessie, he likes you. Who in the right mind would suddenly invest in a webcam to chat with you? Plus, you guys barely know each other!” and I said, “Because I’m funny! That’s why! We sort of know each other…before this…you know, through a friend…but not really talking…I don’t know…” Thank goodness that when I was discussing these things to my friends it was on MSN, if not, I have no idea how many times they would whack me on the head for being dense and superbly in denial mode. 

During the frequent webchats and he asked me out on a date once (it was way before he invested in the webcam so bear with me because I know I’m getting my entire story mixed up here…) which you can read in this post…then I remember one time he said something to me which surprised me to the point that I didn’t know what to reply because I was taken aback by it. Bet he was grinning from ear to ear that time when he saw my “crap-I-don’t-know-what-to-say” face. Then eventually he confessed to me by writing on a piece of paper “I LIKE YOU” and showing it through the webcam which made me smile widely as I am now typing this entry. 

That’s about it...well, sort of the entire summary of how I met him. 

This is totally unrelated to the post, but my friend said to me when I was in denial mode with my feelings…

“Jessie, you know the song from Hercules the cartoon?”

“Which one? There were plenty…”

“The one where the girl sings that she isn’t in love with Hercules?’

“I think so, why?”

“It’s so totally you. But nevertheless, I’m happy that you’re happy!!” 

“Thanks…I guess.”

If you are wondering what the song is (It’s pretty famous.) Here’s the link for it. Enjoy.


mr jp said...

Found me interesting? What did I do at first ? A hundred wall post before adding you on msn ?

I wrote I LIKE YOU on a piece of paper, cause I couldn't be obvious enough to you silly girl :P

alwizhyper said...

yes, i found you very interesting. :) i dont remember what you did, but it certainly managed to get my attention. :)

weeeell, in my defense...being in denial is my main specialty. :P

tsuqi said...

this is so sweet! and funny too :D it made my monday morning blues fade away!

and mr jp, u ought to know that the ONLY way to make it obvious was to say it out loud. but then again, ur way was ingenious, and way more romantic LOL

mr jp said...

awwww shucks, I didn't know I still had some in me.

I guess this girl is special :)

yuinpang said...

Hahahaha!! Jesc strikes back, that's what I'll say. And whack her hard on the head :P

So happy that you are happy, love.

I agree with Tsuqi. Trying to convince Jesc bout something, is like drilling a hole in a diamond. Takes a while to let her understand. Good luck XD;;;

alwizhyper said...

thanks yuki! :) and you known me for quite sometime now to know it as a fact that i dont get these things. :P