Saturday, July 17, 2010

Chapter : Recap! I'm 23!

So today is the day where I turned 23 and a year closer to become a crazy cat lady. Just to recap what’s currently going on in my life. It’s pretty boring, so bear with me. 

1. Failed my masters. It’s depressing. Cried a gazillion times because I was so upset by it but have a chance to resubmit but hoping that I won’t get someone that I do not like.

2. Someone finally arrived to Brisbane just to spend time with me but the first thing I did when I met him, I said that he was short then he teased and bullied me throughout our first meeting.

3. Birthday wasn’t really my typical birthday where I went out for dinner and stuffs. Instead, I celebrated it two days earlier because my sister to attend a friend’s wedding. So in return, she baked me blueberries and strawberries cheesecake! 

4. Decided to eat pizzas for my birthday and Sylvia was there too. Never ever order four large pizzas even though your younger brother who is still growing claims that he could finish one large pizza. 

5. Will only return back to Malaysia end of the year because of my masters thing. 

I would write up to 23 points but unfortunately, I’m not that exciting. So that pretty much sums up what’s happening in my life now. Short entry for today, need to go say my thank yous to all the lovely people who wished me happy birthday!


Sylvia Chin said...

lol you're not turning into a crazy cat lady *piak*

You should post some pics of that "someone" :P

Jason said...

You started the bullying first ! hehe.

Does pinching cheeks count as bullying? I like your cheeks :)