Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Chapter : Dad's Birthday Celebration

Yesterday we celebrated my dad’s birthday at this fancy restaurant, Lure. It was fine dining type of restaurant and it was also to celebrate my dad’s retirement. The restaurant won some award for the best seafood restaurant in some year. I’m not good with such details. We sat down and looked at the fancy menu and ordered our food. 

The pictures were all taken by my sister’s fiancé Patrick (still find it funny to call him my sister’s fiancé instead of boyfriend now…) 


Lure Menu


 Mom and the birthday man (wanted to say boy but it sounds funny calling my dad, "boy")


 My dad with his two daughters

 My youngest brother and my dad. My youngest brother finally smiled properly after when I threaten him that he will not be able to play my PSP. 

There was not a clear picture of my dad and my brothers so that's why I didn't put one up.


 My mom and her daugthers


 My mom and her sons


Me and my mom



 Me and my sister. Hugging my sister was like hugging a teddy bear!


Me and my brother. His hair is getting so long plus it's super straight, my elder sister said his hair looks like a coconut.

If you are wondering why isn't there a picture of my youngest brother and me, well...I didn't take one...He and I...not so close.


My sister giving my youngest brother a big kiss on his cheek. He looks very unhappy, don't you think so?


Unhappy customer?


 My sister and Patrick

The six course meal menu that my brother and dad ordered.


 Mixed Sashimi Plate  

Didn't managed to take a picture of my dad's Balmain Bug Salad though... 


Grilled Clearwater Scallops


 Pan Seared Coral Trout & Grilled Prawn


Black Angus Eye Fillet

That's the few dishes from the six course meal, will put up the dessert and cheese dish pictures later...now onwards to the rest of the other foods that we ordered!   

 Seafood chowder that my sister and my youngest brother ordered


 The bigger portion of the Pan Seared Coral Trout & Grilled Prawns dish. Patrick and my mom ordered this.


My sister's dish, couldn't remember the name but I know it's prawns! 


 My grilled fish of the day with sweet potato and crab meat risotto. My youngest brother also ordered the same thing but he didn't like the risotto.

 Patrick decided to take a picture of me finishing my meal for once!


 Lure ever famous advertisement and card design


 My pathetic attempt to copy the model

Then my sister ask the waiter to bring out the cake before the dessert


 The waiter who served us and my dad's birthday cake


 The entire Goh family


 The Goh family and the soon to be son-in-law. The waiter didn't know how to use the camera and my hair decided to flop down as soon the camera flashed. Just realized that my youngest brother's face looks very...surprised?


 My mom feeding my dad his birthday cake before the waiter took it away to cut it and serve us


Dessert! Chocolate Assiette


 Cheese Plate


 Crackers to go with the cheese


My dad's birthday cake. Something marble cake with something, Patrick told me the name but I forgot but look how they arranged it! So pretty!


 I have cake! But couldn't finish it because I was so full from dinner


 What's left of the cake

After dinner, we met up with my dad’s old friend from Malacca, Uncle Tai Ping and his family at Mt. Cootha (Don’t know whether I spelt the name correctly). We practically “grew” up with them because they have seen us since we were very young and played with them and stuffs. Man, how time flies and we are all grown up! The weather was pretty warm that night because I wasn’t shivering in my clothes standing up there enjoying the view…or maybe because I was wearing my super thick jacket that my dad bought from China.

 Uncle Tai Ping's son, Roger together with my sister and I.

So I just end the entry for the day with the view of Brisbane from Mt. Cootha. It’s pretty, right? 


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