Monday, March 12, 2012

Chapter : The Bug.

I have been sick far too long. I was sick towards the end of February, and then I fell sick again on Thursday last week which dragged on till today. I have been popping pills as though I was a certified drug addict. It’s not good.

Popping pills as though it's candies.

My antibiotics have already gone and I’m still not well yet. I went to work today but I asked to leave early because I couldn’t breathe properly in the office due to the fact it was dusty and I was almost literally coughing a lung out and I was wearing a MASK to the office too!

Yes, I took an extra effort to wear  a  MASK to work.

Maybe I should see the doctor tomorrow to ask for another day of MC just in case because I want to be in a perfect health condition to complete all the tasks that is going to come my way. Need another day to recuperate my health and body condition. Resting so far is the only way for me to regain back my health somehow.

My nose is still block and I feel pathetic that I can’t eat my usual spicy food nor drink my favourite coffee or tea because of the medication that I’m taking. I managed to finish a box of tissues just from my flu alone and at night if I’m lucky I would be able to get a good night’s rest, but mostly I’m unlucky because I’m always coughing my lungs out and it disrupts my sleep. 

If only I looked this cute when I was blowing my nose off my face!

Good health, where art thou? I missed you so. A good night’s rest and the feeling of being able to eat and drink anything under the sun is what I have longed for. 

On the other hand, the boyfriend is doing well after his surgery, but he got infected by the sick bug because of me and now currently recuperating to recover from the sore throat and cough bug. I saw his x-ray after his surgery where they implanted some metal plate and screws which gives a little twinge in my heart because it reminded me of the accident that he had not too long ago that lead to the metal plate implant. 

Till then, take good care of your health and make sure that you don’t become a victim of the crazy bug which I seem to have inherited for the past few days.

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