Monday, April 23, 2012

Chapter : Getting Back in Shape...Attempt 1

So I have decided to start jogging again...after months of lazing away in the bedroom, reading my books or stealing my mom’s iPad to play (occasionally) I realized that I’m getting way too unhealthy. Been eating slightly more than usual, been sleeping a lot and also feeling that my clothes are getting tighter. If you are still thinking, “Seriously?  Jessie you’re skinny!” I beg to differ, as I have a slightly longish looking body, I tend to look slimmer to others. The wonders of fashion, they manage to help you hide your unwanted spots and utilize your lovely spots. 

But to be honest, the only parts that I’m putting on some weight are around my pooch, my bums and my thighs. Well, actually a little bit on my bum is good because my mom and sister keep saying that I have an ugly bum because it’s flat. So I guess a little bit of fats there is good to make my bum looks fuller, I suppose. 

Anyway, back to my little effort to take up jogging again. I failed terribly. I couldn’t even jog for a full two minutes! I walked most of the time, before it started to rain. But mostly I forced myself to jog at least a minute to make myself feel better but eventually I gave up because the pain at the right side of my body is causing me to limp my way across to achieve my one minute goal. Maybe I should start walking up the stairs instead of taking the lift. Problem is that at my office it’s up on the 11th floor and at my house is up on the 13th floor. So if I climb up these floors every single day, I might be able to build up my stamina again! I think I rather climb up all the floors than jogging for two minutes.

Basically I’m following a routine that was recommended by the boyfriend. Apparently it’s for couch potatoes who decides to become a marathon runner so it will train you slowly to build up your stamina and eventually you’ll be able to run a FULL half an hour run (possibly run a FULL marathon in the near future).  After giving up on my epic fail jogging effort, I decided to do some sit-ups at home! Finally manage to locate my dad’s missing yoga mat, I lay it on the floor and did a few sit-ups. I manage to do a good twenty sit-ups before lying flat on the floor counting my life away. 

Then out of curiosity, I decided to look up planking. Everyone seems to be doing it, and as silly as it may be, I thought it was a pretty simple to achieve. Boy, what a fool I’ve been. Maybe because I keep seeing people planking all over the town for a joke, I assumed it was a simple thing to do but planking for fun and planking exercise are TWO different things. Seriously, trying to stay still for a GOOD 20 seconds is pure torture for me. Plus, I wasn’t sure I was doing it right, but judging from my shaky elbows trying to maintain my weight above ground wasn’t an easy feat. After doing it 3 times, I fell towards the floor welcoming the feeling of my entire body against it. 

Yes, that's how I look like planking for the first time.

I should start doing small exercises to build up my stamina again before going off to do something greater. Seeing my parents healthier than I am makes me feel defeated. My parents walk up the hill every day and my mom occasionally swims on Saturdays and the only rest day is Sunday. I on the other hand, roll on bed from Monday to Sunday and occasionally leaving the fort for errands, dinners and parties. I must be a cat in past life. That’s my theory.


mr jp said...

Okay, I'm partly to blame for the lazy cat.

Time to whip you back in shape!

alwizhyper said...

No! Hitler alert!! I still want to be a cat. :<