Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Chapter : The Boyfriend's "House Arrest"

Last month the boyfriend fell off his bike. The moment I received the news from him, I couldn’t pay attention at work because I was so worried. I quickly rushed to his house after work and found out that he fractured his collar bone. The poor guy has his dominant arm in a sling and his knee has a huge scab there – really grossed me out though.

During the first week, I was at his place helping him clean and dress his wounds, wipe him because he can’t bathe. He can’t go out because it hurts too much so basically he was like having a “house arrest” for a month. He couldn’t sleep on his bed because when he gets up, it hurts the shit of him so he had to sleep on the chair. It’s unfortunate for him because he couldn’t get a good night’s sleep because 
  1. His arm is in a sling.
  2. He can’t move that much.
  3. He gets a sore back just staying in one spot. 
 Then one fine day, he told me that he was going to the hospital for a check up (well, more like a second opinion) and found out that his collar bone was actually broken into three parts (not a tiny fracture) and now have to go for surgery to put in a metal plate into his collar bone. Well, he said that he don’t need the surgery but will have to have his arm in a sling for the next one to two months and it might affect some flexibility on his right arm. So he decided to go for the surgery instead to make life easier because I can see that it’s a lot of hassle for him to do things which just one arm. Anyway, knowing that he has to go for the surgery soon, I told the boyfriend that this is his first process of becoming Robocop and now he can deflect bullets with his collar bone!

But I wouldn't want him to be the exact real thing...Hard to hug.

Hopefully after the surgery it will heal properly, so he can use both of his arms again and also for him to be able to get a GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP! It’s so pitiful seeing him in his chair and getting dark circles from lack of sleep. Maybe I should bring him for a massage after he has healed properly and I too can get one for myself too! Double win!

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