Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Chapter : Valetine's Day 2012

A little late night post before I head to bed. Happy Belated Valentine’s Day everyone! This year, my Valentine’s Day was spent not only with the boyfriend but with two of our very close friends too. At first I didn’t want to make any plans because I was afraid that there would be some last minute work which I did have and thankfully I managed to complete it and rush off. 

The boyfriend and I were waiting for the J couple because James had work and only ends at 8pm so we just surf the net while waiting for them. After they arrive, we head off to look for food because knowing that everywhere would be packed with people, so we agreed to just sit wherever as long there’s food. We ended up at Sidz Pub in Bukit Damansara and we sat there for a while having our dinner before we left hunting for dessert. Though truth to be told, our dessert wasn’t dessert...we ended up in Mont Kiara for Chatime instead. 

We just sat for a while, talking and then we decided to leave. The J couple, James and Joanna have classes tomorrow while the boyfriend and I have work. But I have to wake up extra early to head to the bank with my mom. This year for the first time, the boyfriend gave me a rose! I was actually pretty surprise because in my head I thought some girl gave him the rose and then he decided to just pass it to me instead...I know, my mind works in some weird way.

Thank you to the boyfriend was the lovely dinner and flower, though I think it will die off later because I do not know how to maintain it...Happy Belated Valentine’s Day everyone, hope that you had a wonderful celebration. To me, it was way better than last year because I get to spend it with the boyfriend and close friends instead in the office working.

The lovely rose that the boyfriend gave to me.

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