Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Chapter : The Start.

The start of the year, not sure whether is it a good start or a bad start. I have been busy for my sister’s wedding, then after that Chinese New Year Celebration. Now I’m off work for a day because it’s a public holiday for people who work under the Kuala Lumpur territory. 

Not too long ago, my youngest brother flew to Brisbane to start his Year 10 there. My dad flew along too to keep an eye of him to make sure that he does his homework and stuffs like that. My mom cried buckets when he left because she is very attached to him. I don’t blame her I guess because every single day you’re with him and practically doing everything together, it’s hard to let go. Besides, when all of us (My siblings and I) left, we were in our twenties whereas my youngest brother is only fifteen when he left. The house now is currently occupied by my mom and I. It feels pretty big now when there’s only the two of us. I try to spend most of the time accompanying my mom because she’s the type who really needs a companion...though my relationship with her is not on a great level. But I will do my best somehow...

I have been thinking a lot lately, mostly on my career, need to do a fresh start before its too late. I can’t be procrastinating anymore; I need to make the first step to move forward! Hopefully I would be able to branch out from my usual work scope. From an animator to...something else, which I haven’t really thought about yet. Well, basically I hope that I would be able to get out of the office more, meet new people and able to interact with them instead of sitting in front of the computer every single day without getting any sunlight or something. 

The reason why I took so long to start making a move from my current job because I’m pretty comfortable in that company. Though we have projects with deadlines to rush but the environment there is pretty easy-going. But then I just have to force myself out from my little comfort zone and start to move up. I need to do it while I’m still “young” if I want to try out something new. Hopefully that whichever path I take I will be able to succeed. 

Growing up is never easy but everyone must face it one way or another. It’s either they start early or start certain cases, never at all! Pray that this year would be a fruitful year for me. I know I will be facing a lot of hardships but if I work hard and be patient, I might be rewarded...right?

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