Thursday, January 12, 2012

Chapter : Call Me Ahmad.

So my sister is getting married this Saturday and there are loads of things needed to be done. I took leave from work since Tuesday and only will be returning work on Wednesday, the 17th. Basically I’m her “driver” for the entire week till the wedding day itself. I brought her to do her make-up trial, pick her Australian friends up from the airport and brought them sight-seeing; send them back to the hotel, run some errands for my mom and many more. 

Attended my sister’s registration and have to wake up at 5 in the morning to get ready because my sister and I are sharing the room and there’s only one bathroom for us to share. My house is currently being occupied by my grandmother and godparents, they are here to help up with all the preparations that’s needed for the wedding.

Soon my entire relatives including nephews and nieces will be arriving and the entire house will be filled with noise and laughter. Once the wedding is over, the house will be quiet once again and my sister will officially “move” out of the house to stay with her husband. For the first time in years my sister will be able to celebrate Chinese New Year with the entire family though my dad and my youngest brother will be leaving to Australia on the 3rd day of Chinese New Year because my youngest brother will be studying there.

Then my sister and my other brother only be leaving on the 4th day of Chinese New Year and the house will only have my mom and I. It will be tough for my mom to endure the “loneliness” for a few months because she’s used to have my youngest brother around accompanying her everywhere. Hopefully my mom will finally find some hobbies to keep her occupied while I’m at work or meeting up with some friends and the boyfriend once in a while.

Till then, I will write a new post, probably slightly more detailed about the things that happened during the week of preparation to the wedding day itself. 

Who knew that there are so many things needed to be done? My dad said that it’s better to elope than to do all these preparations. He told me, “Ting, the next time when you want to get married, just elope. I will even provide the money for you. Less troublesome and I will save more!” You know, I actually thought it was a pretty decent idea, but would love to wear a wedding dress at least if I’m eloping or something. Just kidding, I will never elope..............right?


tsuqihoh said...

i like your dad's idea. Eloping will be HEAVEN. Seriously, for my wedding I did almost EVERYTHING. You're a wonderful sister. My sister was in the UK and i had just shifted to Singapore, so I barely slept the last two months before the big day!

alwizhyper said...

omg!! you're amazing to organize your lovely wedding!

my mom managed to pull it off and the dinner was a success! everyone had fun! :D

but like they say, your wedding dinner isn't your wedding dinner, it's for your parents to tell the world that their child already found their other half... :)