Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Chapter : First Blood Donation

Few days ago, there was a blood donation drive happening just nearby my office. Then I have decided to donate some of my blood for the very first time. Well, I always wanted to donate some blood but before this I was always underweight. But now since I’m in the normal weight zone, I’m able to do so.

I went to the donation drive with two of my colleague, C and CY. Unfortunately, CY was under some Chinese medicine to treat his long time injury so he was not suitable to donate some blood. C on the other hand, her blood lack iron and she was the one who initiated to donate some blood. So C and CY had no choice but to keep my company while I wait for my turn to be poked by the needle...

Once it was my turn, the nurse injected some pain killer thing to numb my entire hand or veins before planting the huge ass needle with the bag...I have no idea what is it called. Then she passed me some PVC pipe (she said it wasn’t but it really looked like one) and asked me to keep on pressing it. While filling up the bag, I was talking to my colleague and laughing at the same time. C kept on joking, “Jessie! Hurry up! Pump faster!!! I got work to do!” So I did. 

Within minutes I filled up the bag and was done. The guy next to me was shocked that I filled up the bag so fast. After the nurse pulled out the needle, she asked me to rest for ten minutes before standing up or do anything. So I sat there watching my blood bag being packed properly by some other male nurses who were watching some Youtube videos. After ten minutes, I was asked to eat something in the next room but instead I chose to drink hot Milo.

It was a great experience for me and I wouldn’t mind donating blood again. The arm that was used to donate blood currently has some bruises which looked as though I’m some drug addict...but I'm so proud of myself!

When is the next blood donation drive?


Bea said...

haha...reminds me of the 1st time i donated blood when i came over to KK...and i thought i couldn't donate bcoz i was underweight...n i finally found out my blood

alwizhyper said...

Hahaha, well, congrats on your first blood donation! (Quite late though, I believe) so what's your blood type?