Thursday, May 5, 2011

Chapter : Mother's Day Ideas?

Since I’m pretty “hardworking” in updating my blog, I shall do another post. 

Mother’s Day is coming up and I haven’t been the greatest daughter. I haven’t been at home to dine with her nor talk with her. But the thing is, being the black sheep of the family kind of put you in that sort of...rank, you know? My almost all perfect sister or my all-rounder brother, but I can’t say for the youngest because he being the youngest makes him my mom’s precious child. So I’m pretty used to not getting any form of attention and now I have to give attention and was given some attention makes me feel trapped. Well, I do not know how to say it in words...but I do hope you get my meaning. 

I guess I’m the kind of individual that works better with strangers than family. I do love and care of them dearly just that I do not show it. I tried to show it but in the end it just feels awkward. Anyway, I tried to get my mom a gift and with my measly pay I’m getting at work, I can’t afford a lot of things. At first I saw this offer for a facial massage but my mom said that she does not trust products that she has never heard off because she has sensitive skin. Then I tried to get a mani and pedi session but she too does not want because of some “unforeseen” reasons. 

But she did say that she will inform me of what she wants later to me. I do hope it is something within my budget because recently this week I have been spending a lot just on parking alone because my usual parking spot was close for the week and they didn’t inform me! I was pretty upset with them so I had to park at this expensive place for the week. If they do not open again on Monday I would start taking the public transport. Anyway, I think my mom would wants to spend some time with me since I haven’t been doing at all for the past few months. 

Well, once in a while I would go out dinner with her or eat dinner at home with her but the thing is that we have nothing much to talk about. Unlike my sister who is a pharmacist, she gets to meet interesting people every single day and my brother who is still studying in Australia would probably have some interesting news to share. Unlike me, I face the computer every single day and never have the chance of seeing something that would interest my mom. Imagine me telling her, “Ma, did you know today on Reddit I read that Savannah cats has the loyalty like canines?” 


I could imagine her reply, “I don’t like cats. I don’t like animals.” Unless I start talking about Korean shows that interests her but there’s just a small problem. I haven’t been watching any! I think my mom is more up to date with the latest Korean series compared to me. How am I supposed to top that? Stream a shit load of past Korean series at work and watch it at one go just to strike a conversation? Damn, that’s desperate. Maybe I am. 

Well, I guess the only solution I could think of is bringing her and my youngest brother out for dinner and probably ask my godmom along too. But I’m open to any ideas for Mother’s Day gifts and please don’t tell me handmade cards because I have given her a shit load of cards growing up. I think she keeps them in a box somewhere collecting dust. My dad does it too...keeping handmade cards that his children made and gave to him.

So suggestions anyone?

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