Saturday, December 4, 2010

Chapter : The Surprise (Plus Updates)

Updates! Just started my first job ever...survived the first week at work! Upside, I get to wear whatever clothes I want, work place is in the city where it’s always jam and I work late nights. That’s how life is in the media and creative world...

Anyway, few days ago when I was at work chatting with the boyfriend and we planned to have dinner together on Friday because since I have started working, I can barely spend time with him...suddenly he said,

“Dear, if tomorrow you finish work at 8, let me know, then we can postpone to Saturday. I have to bring you somewhere, but got to be 8.30.”

“Err...Ok...but can you still pick me up after 8?” (I feel so demanding here!) 


“Yay! But why have to be there by 8.30?”

“Err, cause surprise la...if cannot, then can do on Saturday.”

So at work when he said that, I had all sorts of funny thoughts in my head. I was like, “Is he going to bring me to some place and sell me? Is he going to bring me some place romantic? Do I have to dress up? Are we celebrating something? Why is he going to sell me?”

These nonsenses were just swimming in my head...

So last night (since it’s 2am, now) I managed to leave the office on normal working time because I did most of my part for that day and on Monday I will have to continue it. Lucky that I don’t have to work on weekends...he picked me up from the LRT station and he drove to Digital Mall.

I was like thinking, “Why are we going to Digital Mall? Does he need to fix something? Get something? Going to sell me?” I was puzzled but never thought much about it. Then he parked his car, then he carried my laptop bag for me and then he said, 

“Dear, can you go to the glove compartment and take out the thing I’m going to bring to fix?” (I think it was something along that line...)
So naturally I did, and when I opened the glove compartment, inside there was a NINTENDO DS LITE box. Then he was grinning from ear to ear and said, “Merry Christmas, dear.” 

I stood there frozen with the glove compartment open, holding the box and staring at him at disbelief. He was laughing and I was flabbergasted. I didn’t know what to say or do. Instead of saying thank you, I believed I said "Why did you get me this? Why did you get me a present? When did you get it? Why did you get it?"

A lot of whys, but barely a thank you (I did thank him in the end!!!) walking towards Digital Mall because he wants me to choose games and I was still questioning him and pestering him but he keeps changing the subject. That moron. 

After choosing games and stuffs, we headed off to Tropicana City Mall to grab dinner and a movie. We watched The Social Network. Awesome stuffs, I would seriously recommended it if you are a fan of Facebook. The way they scripted the entire thing was really great. A lot of talking but nevertheless it was awesome. I really liked it! 

Also, another movie I would recommend is, Rapunzel (Tangled to some others). I was laughing throughout the entire movie and the graphics, design, animation was mind-blasting (quoting from Russell Peters). Do watch it!

Other than that, this last paragraph is to the boyfriend. Thank you for the lovely Christmas present! How am I going to top that? 

Suggestions anyone??


Birthmark said...

He's willing to risk getting you a DS!? Imagine the focus you spend on the DS. ;)

But that's really sweet of him.

alwizhyper said...

he didn't get me a DSi, he just got me the DS lite. nevertheless, i'm very happy of the gift. it was really unexpected...

mr jp said...

Yeah , risky cause I might not see my gf anymore. Play too much DS ...

Dear , I need new slippers :P

alwizhyper said...

i dont want to get you slippers!! hahaha, i can accompany you to get slippers! :P

Sylvia Chin said...

go on a trip to cameron or fraser hill for christmas. You'll be surprise how nice it is up there especially on christmas day :P

alwizhyper said...

hahaha, christmas already got plan :)

dunno what to give soul...probably (PRICELESS) stuff it in a bottle and tie a ribbon and pass it to him and say MERRY CHRISTMAS!! now treasure it!! 8D