Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chapter : A Step Forward.

I wished a certain someone happy birthday yesterday and he replied thanks. It was funny though cause a very good friend of mine came spamming on my MSN but I was already asleep because he was worried that I would brood over that particular someone. I gladly told him that he and I was an item and now he has moved on pretty quickly and I too have moved on though it took awhile. I’m taking a step forward and never two steps back. Maybe that should be my next motto. If I fall behind, I will pick myself up and start looking forward again.

True, I have been wounded by people countless times and letting them trample on my heart yet I am grateful because I have awesome people surrounding me supporting me whenever I’m down. But on the other hand, I feel quite content with myself right now because I can fully enjoy myself without any strings attached. I don’t want to say “I want to be single for the entire year!!” because I know that the more I say it, the more it won’t happen. Instead, I tend to say “if it comes, it comes. If it doesn’t, just go with the flow.” Why bother searching for THE ONE when you can just enjoy your life with friends and families to the fullest and let fate do its job?

I believe that there is someone for everyone in this world. It is just that whether they are lucky to find them or not. In my opinion, I feel that this year is the year that it is filled with loads of dramas. I see people getting together then breaking up, I see people whom I thought that they will last forever break up and also I see people breaking up because of various reasons. But on the other hand, it is also the year filled with joyous occasions! People are getting engaged and married or newly found loves. Well, like what I would say that it is all about balance. Like what my Geography teacher used to say “God is very fair. For an example, if the country always has volcanoes eruptions but they will have very good soil for them to plant.” I think it is somewhat along these lines but I find it quite true. God is indeed very fair. There is always the good and the bad. Hmm, another example, if you suffered from a bad break up, just look forward because there will be others! But I guess that particular example everyone knows it by heart.

So in the end, life is just very complicated. We just have to live it to the fullest. We aren’t immortals. Just take one step at a time, never look back and I’m sure that you will be able to look at life in a more positive point of view.


Bea said...

xDD....that's a good quote from ur geography teacher! i like~~~

good to read u're maturing from ur past experiences...and not holding on to the past...=) *hugz*

alwizhyper said...

lol! i love that quote also! my geo teacher always crack me up even though she is very strict when it comes to completing homework given and understand her classes. :x

yeap. i guess the older u become, the more mature you get. LOL. who knows. :) but all in all, i admit that im still a little child at heart. :P