Saturday, June 28, 2008

Chapter : Finally!

I slept around 10 something in the evening and just woke up around 2 in the morning. Now I’m sure that I won’t be able to sleep till Gods know what time in the morning. Well, I can’t help it since my sleeping orders are pretty screwed up. I get up at odd hours in the wee morning and couldn’t sleep till odd hours in the afternoon, sometimes none at all and that isn’t good for my body and complexion. Seriously, I think that’s why my complexion is getting from bad to worse. Well or maybe just that I’m getting older and my face just decides to touch “puberty” and start sprouting pimples from all over the place. Doesn’t help that I’m also trying to heal the scars I have obtained on my nose because I had a skin “reaction” where it just break out in red spots and it really felt like sunburn and my skin was so dry that it was peeling off like snake skins hence the scar because it caused it to become an open wound.

Oh well, I guess this is just a process of growing up where you will receive hellish stuffs that would happen to your complexion…or maybe it is just me because my sister’s face is like really clear and almost flawless. I envy her skin complexion. The only thing that I “triumph”’ over my sister is that I have a skinnier body and thus, am able to fit in most clothes while on the other hand that I wouldn’t be able to wear her clothes because it is too loose on me. I never had perfect skin complexion to begin with and also having nice flawless, scar-less skin on my body but I chose to live with it somehow but just not having enough confidence to actually wear a skirt or shorts because fear of exposing my hideous legs. I’m always envious with people with perfect skin on their body; I swear to you, I’m like always thinking that they bath in milk to achieve such skin!

Anyway, I’m flying off today around midnight or so and will be arriving in Malaysia in the morning. I’m so ecstatic that I think I won’t be able to sleep till I’m on the plane or something but before leaving, there are so many things that I have to do.


  1. Wash the bed sheets, pillow cases and blanket cover
  2. Clean and vacuum the room
  3. Clear out the thrash in the room
  4. Throw any food remnants
  5. Check suitcase to see whether I have brought enough stuffs
  6. Pack my laptop and big hard drive
  7. Recharge my Malaysian phone and Australian phone
  8. Recharge my Archos portable player

Well, I can’t think of anything else at the moment because my mind is so focused that I would be flying home soon. After the long wait of “suffering” the cold here, I can finally bask myself in the warm climate that I actually miss! Not only that, I would be able to eat all the food that I want to eat! I pity Jin because whenever we video call on Skype, I keep telling him that I see him, I see Malaysian food written all over him. I keep muttering things like, “prawn mee, hokkien mee, pan mee, banana leaf, popiah …” which actually doesn’t help because it just made me even hungrier.

Sylvia told me today that she decided to further her studies to Australia which made me really happy because I know that she won’t be alone and I’m able to guide her through the process here and also telling her what to do and what not. It is really very exciting and I can’t wait for her to arrive next year! Though I would be ending my semester during the year she arrives but I guess I could work for a while for half a year or so. Who knows? I need to get some experience and cash anyway. So many things, I can’t wait! I’m flying home soon and my best friend is also coming to Australia and study!


Eu Jin said...
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Eu Jin said...

Yes, pity the boyfriend. Hahah. Now start packing and come home. I have a terrible headache and je ne sais croix. I miss you terribly. <3