Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Chapter : Late Entry

I must say that I’m getting really lazy in updating my blog. Well, nothing really exciting happens to me these days so there is really nothing for me to write about. The only thing that happens was my 21st birthday and that was a blast! I had loads of fun and tons of presents and little red packets. Anyway, I was sick for the past 2 days and it was nasty. All I could do was lie in bed, sleep and get up to drink some water and sleep some more. I literally felt like a pig. I had no appetite to eat at all so I forced some food down my throat to avoid getting gastric. But I’m feeling better now, proven that I can actually type an entry for my blog now. Things in university are alright I guess I’m mostly in the 2nd year classes and one in the 1st year classes. I don’t really like the 1st year subject I’m doing because I have no idea how to do it nor understand the entire subject is about. We are suppose to be reading the visual of a certain image and interpret it how we look at the visual or something like that. It is really hard to do since the lecturer said there isn’t right or wrong in this class. Well, I guess it is suppose to be easier since there isn’t right or wrong…right? I’m confusing myself.

Oh! Well, I have gotten a lot of cool stuffs from my 21st birthday! It was really awesome! Well, my boyfriend gave me a PSP slim!! One of the coolest gifts ever! Well, it was an amusing thing when he gave it to me because when he gave it to me; I was in awe and didn’t bother opening it because I was like a PSP SLIM IN MY HAND!!! So yeah, but he was disappointed though because he said that his plan fail because I didn’t notice that the PSP itself wasn’t inside the box. I was oblivious to it as usual. But he wanted a PSP himself but he spent all his money just to get me one because I wanted one. I felt so bad to the extent that I wanted to hide myself in the corner and grow mushrooms for eternity.

Anyway, moving on…I can’t remember when but it happen months back and I told Jin about it.

I was on the train back home and I was busy playing my PSP and was standing next to a young married couple talking to an elderly guy which I assumed is their close friend. They were talking about how men when they make a mistake they will always say the three “godly” words and there are always in order.

  1. I’m sorry.
  2. Please forgive me.
  3. I love you.

I nearly laughed my head off because the young guy (the husband) said, “Since our wives know about it, we could just save time and go 1, 2, and 3.”

His wife replied, “If he says that, he is going to be sleeping on the couch.”

I found it so amusing and strangely true when I was telling this little story to Jin because whenever he makes a mistake he would say that in the EXACT order. Then he decided to change it a little because he wanted to be different and unique…but I can’t really remember but I’m thinking it goes like this

  1. I apologize.
  2. I beg for your forgiveness.
  3. I worship you. (or was it I worship the ground you step upon)

I have no idea because I started laughing because deep in my mind, I rather go for the non-extravagant words. I realized that my blog is constantly filled with words and I was planning that one day I might just add pictures of the daily life I live here in Brisbane. Who knows, maybe it would be interesting to see pictures instead of words once in a while, right?

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