Monday, June 9, 2008

Chapter : Almost

I just had to post something up because well, it is something I would like to say “celebrate”. Let’s just say that I have officially completed all my assignments and handed them up. Well, the most important ones I must say. I have been awake two nights in a row just to complete my animation project blocking which I later found out that most of my classmates didn’t even complete blocking but just test animation which leads me to utter dismay because Kelsie and I stayed up till 7am just to rush our blocking which we could have just done the test animation which allows us to grab some SLEEP. Guess that is one thing we must say, oh well. What is done is done.

So what’s left for me to hand up is my long composition which is also known as memory drawing which I have just completed it few minutes ago because I couldn’t sleep and technically I slept at the wrong time and woke up at the wrong time thus I decided to do my assignment since I’m wide awake. Does that even make sense? It is 7.04am now so I apologize if my entry this time seems really long winded. That particular assignment is due this Wednesday at 9.15am and well, I’m glad that I have managed to complete that one. Another assignment that I have to have up is the WIL project thing which all I have to do now is type a journal entry on what I have to do which I hope to be really easy because I don’t really know the format to do so. Should I type it like a professional blogger or just type it as me?

Anyway, after all that I’m officially free and am able to do whatever I want! I can’t wait nor I can’t wait till I return back to Malaysia so I can eat all the food that I crave for! Seriously, winter here does a lot of things to you, you eat more without realizing that you are putting on weight till you start to feel your clothes getting all snug and tight then only it comes to your senses that you have been pigging out way too much! It happened to me, so yeah. Talking from experience here! I keep saying that I would slowly lose the weight but it is really hard because winter is extremely cold and it burns my fats away and causes me to be extra hungry really fast so therefore, I tend to eat more which is not good.

On the other hand, I came to realize that I have spend way too much than usual which is not good because my dad gave me a certain amount of cash for me to survive the entire year but unfortunately, I failed to do so. Thank god that I’m not doing accounts or anything that do with money because I’m really hopeless in it. But on the other hand, if it comes to saving, I know how to do it because half the time I would be starving myself and make sure I don’t spend anything on food and wait till I reach home and start eating which rarely happens because at times when I reach home, there isn’t any food to eat so I just stay hungry until dinner or buy something to eat at least because I could feel myself weakening and probably going to faint on the ground.

Hopefully that I would manage to save this time round because I’m not going to classes since the only thing left is to hand up the assignments and also I don’t go out to watch movies because I have no choice but to save money or hang out with my friends for that matter. Damn, I feel so bad for turning down their invitations at times. Guess I can’t help it when your dad gives you a certain amount of cash which you have to learn how to save and spend. It doesn’t help that my art supplies is expensive and I had to pay for other stuffs for university which weren’t included in the fees.

20 more days before I return back to Malaysia. I can’t wait! My mom said that I would be busy preparing for my party which I’m more than happy to do it because I can go shopping to find something nice to wear for my party and well, spend time with my best friends! The only thing that I don’t look forward too is calling the people asking them whether they can make it to the party or not. At times, I just feel that I shouldn’t even have a party because it is so troublesome. I would rather celebrate it once with family and another with friends and that would conclude my birthday. Simple, don’t you think? Rather than planning a party to fit hundreds of people to see one measly person to celebrate her 21st birthday.

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.Jovial. said...

what measly person ????
you're my tingting queen la..! slave ahahahha will attend your bday..i already rsvp to ur invitation so dont kecoh that no one comes because one is confirm attending :D:D:D:D