Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Chapter : Assignments

Australia, the place where everything is slow paced and relaxed. Why do I say that you might wonder? Or maybe you know why I have said that in the first place? The assignments given here is hell I have to admit that but heck, the due dates they set is totally slacked. For instance, they would give us at least around 7 weeks to complete and essay which we have to write up to 2000 words at least. I have noticed that my will to do work is dying and half the time I am spending my time watching shows, talking online, reading books or even playing games. Then when I look at the time, I keep wondering, “Don’t I have stuffs to do and complete?” and yet I still ignore my assignments and focusing on unimportant things. I have so many assignments to complete to the fact that the deadlines are approaching and I am still slacking off! I so miss the days in college back in Malaysia where I have to rush my ass off to complete my figures and other last minute assignments. I better write down the assignments that I have to do before I forget all about it.


1. 1.Memory drawing, need to show by week 8.

2. 2.Essay on games, need to be completed by week 13 (DONE)

3. 3.Essay on games proposal, need to be completed by week 12 (DONE)

4. 4.Sound design assessment 3, need to be completed by week 12

5. 5.Animation project, need to be completed by week 13

6. 6.WIL project need to be completed…got it!

These are the few assignments that I have to complete and my animation project 1; I haven’t even categorized the stuffs that I needed to do. Man, I should really stop slacking and buckle up! My WIL project is doing any good either because I really need to look for a job for this one but the problem is that half the time I am worrying about other things like; “What am I suppose to write for my essay?”, “How am I going to write for my essay?” , “Shit I don’t have enough references!”, “Argh! This isn’t good. Sounds!!!!”

Now tell me whether I’m pretty screwed because I can’t even settle my priorities. I so need to get back to work. Stop worrying about other petty stuffs and focus on the important things and also I need to save some money so I can get…

1. 1.A PSP

2. 2.A Nintendo DS

3. 3.Some new clothes

4. 4.Some other stuffs which I haven’t properly thought about it.

Gah, shall stop writing now. Should now focus on my character design, it is tough when you lack of artistic skills. It takes ages for me to draw a decent drawing. Thankfully in life drawing classes I can somewhat cheat because I mostly made my drawings really messy till I think it fooled my lecturer that I was doing a good job.


Eu Jin said...

I totally get you baby. Yes, it does suck to have a super long deadline wait. But I'd do anything to get that here. 7000 words in a month isn't exactly fun, you know? <3 But I'm sure my baby will manage. You're my Wonderwoman. Now fly back with that invisible plane so you can lasso me! I think the coffee has gotten me nuts, so I shall stop here. Good luck in the assignments hun. I love you.

Nicole said...

Hahahha... it sounds like my final essay for my gaming's about games and their potential to be used for teaching purposes (finance, in this case... I have a lot of citations from data etc.) I proposed to do a learning system integrated within the game (like SecondLife). Not my best work. Actually, it's my thesis topic and I totally hate it. :P Nice to see how much Media Study Courses vary around the world... LOL

.Jovial. said...

uraghh assignments.
i know how it feels especially when i see you typing aimlessly on your essay. but dont worry ! its gonna be fine! and yes im coming for your bday partyyyyy. yest no credit reply -_-
grrr taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa