Thursday, April 17, 2008

Chapter : Life

I have no choice but to actually write something for my blog. I have been neglecting it way too much and focusing on other petty things like, playing the Nintendo DS or some sort. Anyway, it is already April and I have realized that I have stayed here in Brisbane for more than 2 months. A lot has happened and yet, I did manage to settle down way better than before and also made some new friends. Well, those friends are like my sister’s and housemate’s friends, so you get the idea. Winter is approaching soon, well not that soon but it would mean that semester break is coming and I would be back in sunny Malaysia! I can’t wait. Looking back, I have realized that I did some things which I have never really done it before when I was in Malaysia. Things such as:-

1. Watching a movie alone.
2. Wandering around a mall alone.
3. Attending a huge comic convention.
4. Eating alone while reading to pass leisure time at the mall.
5. Visited the public library way too often as though it is my second home.

It got me thinking that it is really fun to do things alone. It actually gives me time to relax and enjoy my surroundings, observing people and having some “me” time. But I really can’t wait to head back to Malaysia where I would indulge myself with all the food I can eat which would enable me to not crave for it every single day of the month! Things that I must first get when I return to Malaysia:-

1. Pan Mee
2. Lam Mee
3. Hokkien Mee
4. Prawn Mee
5. Banana Leaf
6. Nasi Lemak
7. Anything food that requires cut chilies or belacan
8. Fried Kueh Teow
9. Curry Laksa
10. Hor Fun

There is more and the list would go on and on and it will only stop when I run out of ideas on what to it! I shall call that particular outing, “Eating Frenzy”. I can’t wait! Okay, enough of food because it is making really hungry as I type this which it is not good due to the fact that I have eaten enough meals that supposed to last me the entire day! I think it is because of the cold weather making me eat more thus making me put on some weight. I feel like a little chubby bear. Anyway, on with the story, my housemate’s friend, Ben celebrated his birthday just a week ago and the entire household went to celebrate with him and a bunch of his friends. We went to this fancy restaurant where they serve steaks which are really tasty! We all ate our food, talked here and there and eventually everyone went off to their own homes and such. But some decided to stay a little longer, like my housemates decided to go dancing and then we all “migrated” there just to sit down and relax.

I can’t remember what Ben and I were talking about but in the end, he actually lends me his Nintendo DS for me to play! If I was a cartoon character, my eyes will turn into heart shapes and I will turn into this little small human and start dancing around him. It is really shocking for him to actually loan me his DS due to the fact that I somehow just met him and barely know him well enough and yet he is nice enough to lend it to me. I am still in the happy state because I have the DS in my hand and I am constantly playing the games that are stored in there. I am actually playing the DS everyday when I am waiting for the train, inside the train, walking to class or while waiting for lecturer to come to class. That shows how “obsessive” I am with it. I should learn self control now!

Anyway, assignments are piling up as usual and I am really lazy to actually complete them because I feel so relaxed. The air here is cool and nice, I am always alone in my room and well, it is easier for me to fall asleep because of that and also that I normally stay up late just to chat and then have to wake up early for my classes doesn’t seem to help also. Seriously, why do they tend to make us write really damn long essays when half the time we don’t really understand what we just wrote? If you are asking us to keep on drawing stuffs, I understand that it actually helps you with sharpening your skills. Okay, maybe I am just bias. So sue me.


Nicole said...
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Nicole said...

Actually, the essays are supposedly to help you interpret your artwork and other people's artwork... after a while, you'll learn all about mise en scene and why people put stuff into their work and whatnot, but I'm starting to sound like your lecturer and will stop now. LOL. I've suddenly decided to blog again, actually... :( I'm under too much stress right now and have no one to talk to, so... BLOG. D:

I'm kinda obsessed with this now:

I like the sheep one the best :(

Eu Jin said...

What happened to the entries bout the boyfriend?? HAHAHAHAH!! Don't worry sweetie, we'll go on that eating frenzy when you come home. I have a feeling I'll be putting on some weight as well. Lol! It's only seventy-one days till you come back, so hang in there aite? I love you. <3

=Jovial= said...

I wanna join project eating frenzyy tooo

Bring slave AHAHAHA along!!!!!! :(

Eu Jin said...

cannot la. we want to pak tho! we'll bring u when we need u to clean up or smth. roflol!

alwizhyper said...

@ nic : it is okay. ahahahha :D i rather have you as my lect cause we can go out shopping later 8D! i love the shark and bunny ones! <3

@jin : i have devoted enough entries of you :P just wait. ahahahhaha. im going to be soooooo fat when i get home :(

@jovial : come along lah! :D i dont mind. jin want to mengada. lolx!

Eu Jin said...

i'd say i have a way to make u lose weight, but that would be too obvious. hahahahahah <33