Friday, October 26, 2007

Chapter: A Night-Out with Jin

Jin asked me out for a drink yesterday night and he picked me up from my place since my brother that time took my car and disappeared into the moonlight with it. We headed off to TTDI Plaza which is located near the wet market. That place it pretty new because it just open and well, all I can say that it is what you call, rich man’s area. At first I thought it would a casual drink in a “mamak” stall but later on he confined with me on the way there saying that we are meeting with his mum and her friends in a pub. Well, that got me speechless.

So we met up with is mum and she brought us to this pub and we ventured inside. The place was really decent with a “new” atmosphere feeling to it. His mom introduced Jin as her son and she introduced to me as his GIRFRIEND. It really got me taken aback and I hissed to Jin, “Since when I became your girlfriend?”

He just looked at me and shrugged and both of us laughed. I was introduced to his cousin and his uncles who were there plus his mom’s friends. His mom told this German guy whose name is Eric that Jin was her son and was celebrating his birthday tomorrow. It went like this:

“Eric, my son, Jin is celebrating his birthday tomorrow. Same time with me,” she shouted due to the fact that the music was blasting.

“Okay, but why are you telling me this? I am not gay,” he joked. I think he has one too many gin and tonics if you ask me.

“If you told me that she is celebrating her birthday tomorrow or something then I would be interested,” he teased and pointed at me.

After the “adults” mingled with themselves joking and talking, I was just sitting there and was thinking that it has been a while since I ventured into a pub. It was like a small club that doesn’t have a dance floor but a disco ball, snooker table and blasting music that sounded really old school. I heard one really old school song which is titled “Mr. Bombastick.” Later on I got really cold and I told it to Jin and we headed outside for me to grab some hot air. We just sat there and talked while he smoked. I did drink some gin and tonic and I really didn’t like it because I could feel my face burning up in flames and it was really red. Well, I felt that it was red but I didn’t or should say couldn’t see it because it was really dim. We mingled around inside the pub but all in all I couldn’t really stand the cold and we ventured out again. I suggested that we should “explore” the place because it is still new and not many shops have opened there. The place looks like an airport / planetarium instead of a plaza. It has blue lights which made my ears look purple because I remember seeing myself in the mirror in the toilet and my ears were really red. I was thinking at that time, “Great, just what I need. A red face and ears and under these blue lights, I look like a purple monster.”

We later went back in and noticed that all his mom’s friends have left and only his cousin and his uncles who were entertaining some customers. He asked me to seat and then he sat next to me. He started talking to his mom and cousin and I was just sitting there quietly feeling cold in the place and the next thing I know his placed his hand on my knee. I pretended that I didn’t feel anything but all I know that I could feel my heart beating really fast against my chest. Then his hand left my knee because he wanted to drink his beer. Occasionally he would asked whether I am okay or am I still feeling cold which I replied that I am okay and STILL feeling cold. He continued on talking with his mom and cousin and I placed my hands between my knees because it was freezing up. Out of the blue, Jin placed his hand on my hands and it almost made me jump with surprise but I managed to remain my composure but I could really feel my heart beating really fast and I think it wasn’t the gin and tonic that was making my face going redder than ever.

Few hours later around 11 something pm, we decided to leave and he had to send his mother home at Segambut. Along the way, we had supper at this dim sum shop near Jalan Ipoh. We just sat there and talked and when it strikes 12am, I wished both of them happy birthday. I couldn’t really talk much that time because I was really shy with his mom around and tried to be myself but as what I was brought up to be, always be quiet and polite in the presence of an adult especially if it is someone’s parent. Well, so I think I was brought up to be that way or some matter. All in all, one thing I can say about his mom, SHE IS COOL. I did tell Jin that his mom was cool that goes drinking in a pub and all which is different from my mom who doesn’t drink but she is still cool in her own way. I mean my mom, not his.

After that we met up with Peggy, Foong and “Maria” at Banana Leaf located at Centerpoint. We just sat there talking and discussing what to do on his birthday. Peggy also told me that Ben is coming down to celebrate his birthday on Saturday together with Jin and asked me to come along which I said that it wouldn’t be a problem if she could tell me the place and time. While they talking among themselves in Chinese, I was just stoning there because I didn’t get enough sleep the previous night and was feeling the sleepiness kicking in. But out of the blue, Jin looked at Foong and said;

“Oh, she became my girlfriend since 9pm”

“Yeah, for 3 whole hours,” I said with a laugh.

Foong’s tiny eyes became big and started to stare at both of us. The next thing I know he took out his hand phone and was muttering “I so need to record this” and “shine” his phone at Jin and asked;
“Say that again,”

“I am not saying it again,” he said and ignored him.

“Jessie, why don’t you say it for me?” he asked and aiming his phone at me.

“Hmm, okay. Foong is the spawn of Satan,” I said.

“Shut up,” he replied and aimed his phone back at Jin. “Come on, say it again. Say it again.”

“Okay, Foong is the spawn of Satan,” he answered.

I laughed and Foong got quite annoyed and muttered, “You guys suck.”

“I know,” I replied.

Soon, we left the place and Jin walked me up to my house well, not literally walked me all the way to my house on the account we just took the lift to the thirteen floor and walked me to my door which he decided to stand a good 10 feet away from it because he has heard stories of my dad that is really strict and all that. I gave him a birthday hug and another hug to thank him for picking me up and entertaining me for the night. I went back home and tried to go to bed and then I received a text message from him. It went-

Hey. I forgot to tell you that I had a great time tonight. You looked really sleepy and it had probably been best if you get some sleep soon. He he. Sweet dreams!

I replied-

Me too. I did sleep for 2 hours. Hahaha, but it was fun being your girlfriend for three hours. LOL! Take care, good night and happy birthday. *hugs*

Then I sent him another text message that goes like this-

Try this,

  1. Go to write messages
  2. Put on dictionary
  3. Cover the screen with your hand
  4. Press 42779124784329
  5. Gently remove your hand…

Hope it works!

Well the word comes out Happy Birthday if you are wondering and later on his message came in-

Wow! Thanks! That was really sweet of you, not being sarcastic. Heheh. And aren’t you supposed to be sleeping by now? 2 hours isn’t enough you know ;-)

I was thinking that was really sweet of him thinking about my welfare of lacking of sleep that will make me not look like a freaking zombie the next day but I replied-

Trying. I don’t sleep in an instant. It takes time for me to get to bed. Maybe the gin and tonic is keeping me awake. Wait; aren’t you supposed to be asleep too?

His reply-

Hahah. Nah, I don’t have to work tomorrow. Heheh. Still up for lunch? Or we could get a drink later in the afternoon. Gin and tonic sucks!

I totally forgotten that he asked me whether I could grab lunch with him tomorrow and I quickly replied-

You give me a buzz. Gin and tonic doesn’t go well with me. Makes me look way too red. Just to remind you that I would be picking my brother at 12ish. Okay, now me sleep. Nights!

His last reply-

Nighters! Sleep tight! I’ll see you tomorrow. :-O

I went to charge my phone then and went to sleep thinking whether I will be seeing him tomorrow, well I mean today. I would be still in bed right now if my parents didn’t come bustling in my room telling me what they wanted me to do and all that causing me to not being able to get back to sleep. I mean, haven’t they heard of POST-ITS?!!

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