Sunday, October 28, 2007

Chapter : He Popped the Question

It seems that Friday was pretty much a very eventful day for me. After a busy day in the morning, and hanging out with Joey and Yuki in One Utama and then met up with Jin, Peggy and Maria later on. Well, more like they joined us later in One Utama. We ate at William’s and then I send Joey back home because she was waiting for her guy to come over to visit her later.

After when I reached home, I called Jin to pick me and Yuki from my place because Ben, Mervin and Chee Hao (I think that it’s his name) were coming from Johor to celebrate Ben’s and Jin’s birthday. We sat at McDonalds’ and were laughing and chatting with each other. Unfortunately, Ben was really sick and Mervin was just recovering from it. Mervin has changed pretty much because the last time when I met him he was so quiet but that night itself he was so noisy to the extend I actually wondered whether they were the same person.

After the little meet up, Jin sent us home. He dropped Yuki off first and then me. But we hung out for a while at my place and we sat near the pool area talking. We were just talking pretty much about everything and laughing with the jokes then we started telling each other about our exes. I was telling him about my experiences with my exes and how many I have dated and what not, and this particular part I joked-

“Well, if I have dated you, you would be my eighth if I taken in the part that I used to be coupled with a guy for mere few hours.”

“Well, would you?” he asked.

“Hmm?” I said.

“Will you be my girlfriend?” he asked.

“Is that an invitation?” I replied.

“Yeah,” he said.

“Are you serious?” I said and stared at him in disbelief.

“Yeah, I am serious,” he said.

“Err…Erm…Err….,” I stuttered.

“You don’t have to answer now, I mean take your time,” he said.

“Okay, you got me speechless here,” I said. “That was…err…unexpected.”

“Well, I wanted to pop the question for some time already but you made it easier for me when you started to joke about it,” he explained.

“Oh…” I replied and I was blushing like a beetroot. “But I am leaving to Australia, for one and a half years…”

“Well, we could just try it out. I mean I don’t mind if you find another guy there but I would feel thrashed though,” he said.

“Oh…Kay,” I replied. “But I am not a good girlfriend, I mean, err…I won’t be a good girlfriend.”

“That is for me to decide, wouldn’t it?” he said. “Are you trying to scare me off?”

“No, I mean. I’m just explaining!” I exclaimed. “I admit that I am attracted to you but I never expected this.”

“Like I have said, you don’t have to answer me now, I can wait,” he said.

“Err….” I stuttered. I was too lost for words.

We sat there for a while more before he walked me back to my house. I was still in a speechless state and I didn’t know what just happened until I lay on my bed and thinking back. To me I felt as though he was just giving me mixed signals and treating me as a friend. Then next thing I know, he just popped the question causing me to freak out and left me astounded. I mean, freaking out and being astounded in a good way. That moment when he asked me, it was so random! I could feel myself reddening from my cheeks all the way to my ears but not that it is visible due to the fact that it was pretty dark and the yellow light just made me look yellow.

But before that he did explained to me that he was attracted to me at first because the moment we met, we clicked and according to him, that felt really nice because he don’t normally clicked with people easily which I find that pretty hard to believe. But for me on the other hand, I told him that I thought that he and Maria were dating and such and he explained that he and her are nothing but really close friends and he did admit that he fell for her which I jokingly said that he now chose me as a rebound which caused him to start saying that I am not his rebound because he was already attracted to me first and what not. He did explain also that he decided to back off from Maria who has a boyfriend for five years and it felt uncomfortable for him to just continue liking her and being the main cause of the reason of the break up and he didn’t want that to happen and he finally settled with his feelings and treated her like a friend which he said that he thinks that she gotten the message.

Well, I felt that she should get the message due to the fact that whenever we meet up he would just sit next to me or would be talking to me most of the time and such. Like a mere example when he, Maria and Peggy came over my place to hang out while waiting for Ben, Mervin and Chee Hao to arrive. At first Maria was sitting in front of his car and when we were heading off to McDonalds’ that night he just asked me like this-

“You, get in front.”

“Huh? What?” I asked looking really blur.

“I mean, you sit in front,” he said.

“Err, okay?” I said and just gotten into the front seat.

Later on, during the time when he was explaining to me, he also said that after he decided to back off, the next thing he knows, Maria came confessing to him and he was saying that she should just stick to her boyfriend because he is always there for her and such and hopes that they could just maintain as friends. It was pretty matured of him to think that way on the account that I did met some people who reacted differently when they came down to this kind of situation. During his explanations, he would keep repeating that I wasn’t a rebound in hopes that I wouldn’t misunderstand him and I assured to him that I gotten the picture and asked him not to worry.

I still haven’t given him the answer and we are some how on this dating basis thing where we like each other but not yet in a relationship. Well, that is how I look things this way. I would admit that if he found another girl that he suits him better I would feel sad but I wouldn’t mind because he deserves someone better compared to me. After all, I did say that I am leaving to Australia for a year and a half. Who knows what would happen throughout the time when I am there. Right?


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