Thursday, October 25, 2007

Chapter : Interested or Not Interested, that is the question.

I think this is what I call the first time in my life that I am constantly blogging. It is because mostly it is either I forget all about it or just too lazy but it seems that these days I feel as though I really need to take account on everything and just dunk it in here.

I just came back from hanging out with Yuki, Joey, Jin and Foong. Well, at first I met up with Joey and Yuki at the Curve and they were eating steamboat. Then I sat for sometime because I was waiting for them to finish their dinner. Later on after that we just walked around and Joey was craving for doughnuts. So we headed off finding doughnuts around 9 something at night and the shops are closing and we managed to find this shop named the Big Apple and we headed there for doughnuts. Joey was choosing the doughnuts while Yuki and I lingered around looking at them.

Then this dude was asking Joey, “How many pieces?”

“Five,” she said.

“Miss, if like that, why don’t you get half a dozen?” he asked.

“Hmm, okay,” she agreed.

He grabbed a box and instead of asking her which one she wanted, he asked me who was innocently standing far away from the counter dazing off in fantasy land. I just looked at him and walked away and he continued to serve Joey then. Not too long after, I went towards her and put my hands around her shoulder and stood there while waiting for her to make her decision. Out of the sudden the people working there just suddenly looked and me and spoke this in Mandarin which I thought at first was another language like Burmese or Vietnamese or something.

“Hi, my friend wants to know you. What is your name?” he asked.

“Huh?” was all I could answer.

“Which wants of us do you like?” he continued.

“Huh??” still looking appalled by sudden interrogation.

Yuki has to practically drag me to the cashier while Joey was laughing her head off. I mean they just left Joey’s doughnuts there on top of the counter and just talked to me. Yuki just dragged me to the cashier while taking the doughnuts with her because it seems that Joey was laughing so hard that she was trying not to cough up her lungs. After Joey paid for the stuffs we ran off to Cineleisure to find a place to sit and eat them. Joey and Yuki were laughing and teasing me about the incident that taken place and it seems that it was the “hit” topic for that moment.

We cleared up the doughnuts in an instant and I have to admit that the doughnuts were tasty! We walked around some more but we can see that the mall was closing and Yuki suggested that we should hang around at Starbucks since it is still open and closes at 2am. I ordered hazelnut hot chocolate while Yuki got herself mango passion fruit drink. We sat there and Yuki wanted to smoke but I think she either lost her lighter or forgot to bring it and asked me to ask from the table next to us. I tapped the person on the shoulder and casually asked-

“Excuse me; can I borrow your lighter?”

“Err…huh? Err, okay,” he said and took his friend’s lighter and passed it to me.

“Thank you,” I said and smiled.

I passed the lighter to Yuki and she and Joey were laughing their heads off at the way on how I asked for the lighter. They told me it was as though I know the person really well and even though he was in a deep conversation with his friends, I just casually disturbed him and asked for his lighter. They were like, “She didn’t even said excuse me!” and started laughing and I did point out that I did said that but I think he didn’t hear me due to the fact that he has more important things to pay attention to a random girl asking for his lighter in a polite manner or not. We just sat there for quite sometime and we started talking about serious matters. Once in a while we joked around and teased Joey about her guy and they teased me about my guy which I really didn’t think that he was my guy.

Soon after our stay at Starbucks, we headed off to Centerpoint Mc Donald’s and we called out Jin and he called Foong. We just sat there chit chatting and laughing and joking with each other but I felt really awkward because Yuki and Joey kept teasing me with Jin because they feel that he is a winner since it seems that he is interested in me but not for my looks but for who I am itself. Whereas in my case I kept assuring them that Jin and I are just merely friends that have the same taste of humour and we get along really well. They said that I was in denial. I mean like HELLO?!! Which part of me is denying it? I mean I don’t feel anything from him and he and I just casual people talking and laughing at the same kind of jokes.

Okay, I can admit that I do feel attracted to him because he has a great sense of humour which is one of the things I want to find in a guy because I want to be always laughing with the guy that I am dating instead of stoning around or talking some really smart things. Not only that, I was attracted to his looks because he looks like this Korean artist named Kangin from the group Super Junior. Other than that, I should think there is nothing more. I still don’t see the part which they see that he is interested in me. I mean which part? Do they have a checklist with them that I could see and understand or something? He somewhat does fulfill my criteria that I want for a boyfriend. Well, my criteria for what I want in my boyfriend is

  • Nice
  • Loyal
  • Has a great sense of humour
  • Caring

He does fulfill all of that! I mean he makes me laugh most of the time to the extend that I could pee in my pants! Not that I have literally peed in my pants but that isn’t the point! He has tons of friends, or should say girlfriends that are way cooler, funnier, nicer or prettier than me. Why would he want to be dating a person who is lame, stupid, blur and lack of self actualization? I really don’t see the point there. His birthday is this Friday and he did tell me that he was free and asked me whether I was free which my best friends telling me to go out with him to celebrate and I really don’t know what am I suppose to do. I was trying to find out what he wants to do on his birthday in order to get some ideas but this is what I got:

“What do you want to do on your birthday?” I asked.

“I don’t know, I want to October fest,” he said.

“Huh? October, what?” I asked looking blur.

“There are having October fest in One Utama, I want to go. Beer at RM1,” he explained.

“Oh, okay,” I said and that it is.

I am serious. After what they told me that he is interested in me and all that, I couldn’t properly have a decent conversation with him nor be myself. I felt so weird all the time and was hoping that I could keep him talking to me in order for me to find out about him but I just don’t know how. I felt that I was trying to impersonate another person that isn’t me. Yuki and Joey are trying their best to get me together with him which I am really grateful and all that but they do have to realize that I would be flying off to Australia in February and he would be here in Malaysia and will have tons of people to be with and happy. I mean why would he CHOOSE me when there are millions of people that he could be with? Don’t they see the bigger picture?

God, I have a headache from trying to explain to them. Maybe I DO need a man in my life. That way he would just put me to bed and start watching me sleep and play with my hair or something.

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