Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Chapter : Deprived and Futhering Studies

Well, I would be flying off to Australia on the February but I still don’t know which day of the month that I would be going off. Upon telling my parents that I got accepted to the university that I have applied for and the course only takes one and a half years and well, all in all, I know that I am really helping my parents save costs.

Although I would have wanted to try out to go to the States but then again after hearing a really long lecture from my dad saying that he is going to retire soon and have another two kids to support and what not and well, it actually got me thinking that I should be the one that have to sacrifice everything in order to help my dad to save some money to support my two younger brothers. If you are looking at it this way, it is really depressing because I have to be the ONE to do the sacrificing. On the account of being the second eldest and all, at least my sister gets to go to well prestige school do to pharmacy which well if I am not mistaken one of the top schools in the Australia…well, I wouldn’t be too sure on that because I remembered reading it somewhere a long time ago.

Nevertheless, after hearing a lot of people telling me about the line of animation and also well, most of them are very experienced to be exact which actually made me settled to study in Australia regardless it wasn’t my first choice of country to go to in the first place.


  1. It is all in the work itself, not the grades or certificate.
  2. Working in a production company itself actually allows you to learn more compared to studying.
  3. They wouldn’t be bothered to see whether you score an awesome A in animation but seeing your demo reel whether you understand the principles of animation.

That is what I was told by my friends or I should say seniors. I took all that in account and finally made up my mind to just further my study in Australia, get my degree and then start working so my parents wouldn’t be worrying whether I am going to turn out to be a bum for life. On the other hand, whatever they said it is actually true because most of the time for us people who does art we are surveyed by our works not what paper do we hold.

All in all, I still have so many things to prepare for my trip to Australia and stuff to buy but unfortunately I don’t have the money or the time due to the fact that I am still working for my mom in her office keying in accounts, putting stamps on letters, filing documents, photostating documents or even answering the phone. Seriously, I may be bumming for a year but hell I think I might be forgetting how to even do a simple bouncing ball animation without screwing it up. Well, honestly it is my fault for not finding a job but well, I guess that I really wanted to really enjoy my life for a year instead of hovering around in a cubicle working on projects that makes things jump or run. After all, we only live life once and why can’t I enjoy it for that particular year I wonder. I guess it is because my parents feel that I am wasting their hard earning cash and decides that I should do something to fulfill my time.


  1. Buy some really nice sneakers or shoes which I like and not because my dad asked me to buy due to the fact that he thinks that it is comfortable and longer lasting
  2. Get some winter clothes because I know that my sister would be really upset and throwing her temper at me for using her clothes, despite the fact that her entire wardrobe is filled with so many clothes and she still has the time to tell my mom that I don’t need any. Plus, I am going to Hokkaido during December so it is a must.
  3. Get new 1.0 pen
  4. Get some new clothes.
  5. Ditto, socks.
  6. Contact lenses.
  7. Get a doctor and dentist checkup
  8. Research on laptop specs
  9. Buy a new hard drive since the last one is being affected by virus and isn’t capable of being read in computer’s USB.
  10. Buy black or olive coloured eye shadow.

Not only that my mom asked me to do a survey check on the prices of the winter clothing’s sold here so she could inform my sister whether she should get the winter clothing’s in Brisbane or back here. I would be happy to do so if only I wasn’t-

  1. Have to work in her office.
  2. Pick up my brothers from school since they finish around 3.45pm or 5pm and doesn’t take a school bus but live a luxury life of people ferrying them around.

I mean, if I have to go at night that means it would be in the evening but that kills most of the fun. I mean, normal teenagers or I should say young adults because I have already passed my teenagers’ years, hangs out in the afternoon. I mean, if it is in the evening, I would have exactly I should think around 4 hours spend some fun with my own friends. Unless half of the hours I spent looking for a parking spaces then it would be only 2 hours spending time with my own friends. My parents doesn’t seem to figure out how can one individual let alone a group of people hang out at one particular place doing nothing but talking and walking and not buying anything. Gee, let me see…we are only students and have learnt the art of bitching, gossiping and talking serious things to pass time. Oh, and not forgetting stoning when things gets dull. That is how things work! Don’t they see it this way? No wonder I am suffering from some mental illness because I am deprived of having fun and communicating to human beings that is around my same age.


Nicole said...

I finally have concrete proof of news that will light up your day~!!!

*pauses for effect*

nicky's coming back in December~~!!! whoo hooo~~~

alwizhyper said...

omegah!!! you R details!!! imma going off to japan around the 20th of december!!