Sunday, June 17, 2007

Chapter : New Hair Cut

These days I barely update my journal. Anyway, a little update to keep time passing by and letting people know what exactly I have been up too. Most of the times that I spent were with Joey and Yuki drinking or technically hanging out at McDonalds’ either talking about everything under the one sun or just stoning around playing card games. It is pretty fun when we hang out there doing nothing but talking and cracking up jokes from time to time. You see many kinds of people over there where some of them are studying or just like us, hanging out. I have been so hooked onto these sort of life to the extend that if I don’t have a day like that I would feel really bored.

Continuing my little story, I was forced to come home early today because my dad was making a lot of noise because of my routine. I can’t help it if I really like hanging out with them though it is pretty unhealthy because of the cigarette smokes or the constant refills of coke or just eating the food there. I hope that I can lose a few kg just in time for my graduation night which is just the following week. I can’t believe that time passes by so fast. To top it off, I have cut my long hair to a short sort of layered looking bob. I really like my old hairstyle because it was really easy to maintain because I don’t really spend much time on it. I also like my new hairstyle now but it is hard to maintain it because I have to make sure that the layered style I have on my hair doesn’t curl the wrong way and therefore making look as though I have “bed-hair”.

On the other note, my portfolio isn’t looking so much on the brighter side and now I have to really put my mind into it and set datelines for myself in order to complete my portfolio but not at the moment because now I am just typing an entry to update things that happened for the pass few weeks. I will work on the datelines thing when I am much more awake and not so blur. My mom bought me the perfect shoes to match my evening gown which I am sure that I am going to take pictures of during the graduation night itself. On the day itself when I bought my shoes, I also bought another dress which Joey who was with me and my mom that day thought that I looked really sweet in it and then started to plan the ways of dressing me up with that dress itself.

She said that I should wear that dress during my birthday which is not so far away to begin with. She said that on my birthday I should dress myself up like that and go clubbing with a bunch of our close friends and just let loose. That is the only thing which I am actually agreeing to it because I may not know whether I am able to celebrate my 21st birthday here in Malaysia next year. I hope that I am able to celebrate it though with them because it just makes life much more fun and memorable.

My mind isn’t really working anymore, I should better off head to bed since I slept very little the day before and I think when I wake up and read this entry I would wonder why in the world did I force myself to type one silly entry to update on things that happen in my life.

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