Thursday, May 31, 2007

Chapter : After 7 Years

I am supposed to be resting in bed but I just took the initiative to come online just to post up an entry. Anyway, I’m down with a cold, cough, a slight sore throat and a very bad headache. Most of the time I’m sleeping in my room, sweating myself out because like they always say, it is better to sweat all the sickness away and the next thing you know, you are as strong as a horse.

I haven’t been sick like this for a while now and I guess it must be the late nights I was enjoying myself. Anyway, I met up with Teng Chan and Chee Wan whom I have never contacted for the past 7 years and only just recently I met up with them for a drink. Teng Chan has never changed much from what I can remember and the only thing that he changed so far is his height. Whereas Chee Wan, from what I have remembered when I was in Form1, he was this small chubby little kid which I can’t really talk to because of communication problem. He spoke Chinese I spoke English, get the picture? Anyway, when I met Chee Wan, he was a total different person. From small and chubby, he became tall and skinny. Man, talk about growth spurts.

Throughout the night with them which I spent for a short time only because Teng Chan just got back from Genting and was pretty tired. At least he and I managed to talk some things and what not though Chee Wan was pretty quiet maybe due to the fact that he just broken up with his girlfriend. Teng Chan kept asking me whether I remember some other people from our class or should I say school last time but I only managed to remember a few names and therefore, I couldn’t really say much. I usually remember faces instead of names though.

After that, Chee Wan send Teng Chan home because he was really tired and I am surprised that they still maintain their friendship for all these years. I barely kept in touch with most of my neither Damansara Utama nor Taman Tun friends. Well, the only person I kept in touch after all these years is Nicole. The friends that I kept in touch with are from college.

I can’t really think much now as I type because my brain is dying on me because I guess I have slept too much until it hurts my head badly. On the other side of things, my dad is still questioning me about my portfolio which I have been delaying for these few months. Doesn’t my dad realize that the requirement for the universities for the portfolio is really high? Despite the fact that no matter how hard I try, I still have to live up to their standards. If not, I wouldn’t be able to get in regardless I have completed my portfolio or not. But nevertheless, I wouldn’t know if I never try right? But also, getting pestered from my mom three quarter of the time to come to work wouldn’t allow doing my portfolio, wouldn’t it?

Goodness, I better get to rest. One parent is asking me to finish my portfolio and apply for university. Another parent is asking me to help her in her office. HOW in the world am I supposed to balance those two? I’m better off dead.

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Nicole said...

wah... u r totally siao la...wat u need is time management and you definitely don need anymore sleep, that's for sure... sigh so lucky... I only slept for 4 hours last night... had to move my stuff from the old house then I have to do my stupid group assignment also...=.=lll