Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Chapter : Friends, You Can't Live Without Them.

As I sit here, supposedly to be doing the work that my mom assigned me to do…instead I went online to surf. Well, can’t blame me when I don’t really have much of a passion to look through her list of numbers to find which company she called so she can charge them back into her own company thing. Anyway, that isn’t the topic I want to talk about today.

I was looking through my journal entries and I noticed. It has been at least if I’m not mistaken 3 years since I was in secondary school. Then later I went to college and I realized those 3 years were the best moments in life. I was reading this particular entry where the Rashingis and I stayed over at Kelsie’s place. Reminiscing back, it was really such an enjoyable night and I have realized we haven’t been doing that very often. We haven’t met up since I don’t know. At least we are meeting up again this Sunday in hopes that we can get the Pirates of The Caribbean 3 tickets. If not, we will just hangout like we normally do I suppose. I can’t wait. I miss them a lot.

Wondering why I am being emotional at the moment is because I realized, I am thankful that I have such friends around me. Everyone included who knows me, I mean. No matter what, I could turn to them whenever I in the pits though I try my best to shield my problems from them because I don’t want to trouble them thinking about mine when they have theirs to think about, if you get my drift. “College, there is where you meet your best friends” as quoted from a lecturer who taught me. That particular fact she said, was true.

As I sit here typing this entry, I am recalling back all those times where I first came to the One Academy I was really afraid. I was afraid that I would give a bad impression. I was afraid that I won’t do well. I was afraid of so many things. Later on, things went for the better though not that all great. During my foundation year, it was fine but I was still somewhat held back. In a way where I felt left out and all alone because there was this language barrier that was stopping me to communicate with my classmates most of the time. Then later things really went for the better when I touched my major year. There is where most of the funs things began. Before that I given a bad impression to people but later on, I learn and sort of matured.

Now that I have graduated from college, I realized that when I first went in, I was like a child, but when I left, I am still a child but yet matured to a certain extend. I mend my ways, became slightly tougher and yeah not forgetting making new friends that you can remember for life. I am glad that I went there and made them who know me until today. To all my best friends, friends or whoever I know you and until now still give you a call here and there…thank you so much for being there for me and providing my life with laughter and enjoyment. Thank you so much for going to the limits just to help me out. Thank you for supporting me when I fall. Sorry for being such a pain to you guys because of my stupidity and outburst of rage. Thank you so much especially for actually putting up with me. That is what is most important. Thank you so much and I really appreciate it and you always know that I am here for a call or a chat and also, to help. Love you guys to bits!

Before I end this entry, I am sorry for typing this emotional entry because I realized that I never properly thank you all for what you have done.

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