Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Chapter : Graduation Present?

Nothing much has happen these past few weeks, at most…months. The only big thing that happens was my junior batch had their exhibition launch which I was too lazy to go in the end. Not only that, my parents organized another open house party for their dancing friends. So technically, I was pretty busy during the days before the day of the party was held.

My parents dancing friends are what I should say, rich and err…mighty? Not so exaggerated but think of it this way, if your mom is so particular on how you should cut the squid, which means they mean something right? I mean, who would look at how you cut the squid when all you do it pile it onto your plate and put it in your mouth? Oh well, guess that my mom is really particular with “details”. Also that night, I saw my brother’s best friend whom the last time I saw him, he was a tiny little bean sprout and then now he is a grown up kid with a growth spurt that it is “uncontrollable”. Okay, I am just exaggerating that uncontrollable part. Anyway, my brother’s best friend’s brother is supposed to come but he was working that night and I still have yet to see how he looks like after a year or two since I last saw him. I mean, it may be a short period of time but people do change within that period of time.

I have finally started with my portfolio, well, sort of. I have been trying to draw life drawings by looking at the life drawing poses from a site which Beatrice passed to me which I found it really effective. Unfortunately due to my lack of capability to draw, everything looks like a 3 year old drawing. How in the world an artist could be an artist when she can’t draw? Not that I am an artist for that matter, but it is just a way of saying it.

On the lighter side of things, my new Pilipino maid is superb in cooking. Which is a bad thing to me due to the fact that I am trying to lose weight in a bad way by dieting which is doesn’t work for me since I love to eat. Can you believe it now as I type that I am craving for McDonald’s nuggets? I remember telling Joey that I was craving for Nabe, sukiyaki and takoyaki. She asked me to go and find and buy so I could stop my cravings. Speak of the devil; my maid just passed me a big bowl of noodles. I tell you I can’t diet when she is around. Whoever comes to my house for a stay I think they will never go hungry cause when my maid is awake you can ask her to cook and she will gladly do it for you. The only time where I can starve myself it at the late nights (and when my maid is asleep) which well, I am supposedly not to eat anyway but yeah. I always tell myself that I should start exercising but never had the heart to do so. Maybe I should drag Joey into the gym with me and at least I have someone to talk and laugh with in there.

Another thing that my mom brought up was she asked me where I want to go for our annual family year end holidays and I replied,

“The places I want to go you people can’t afford.”

“Where do you want to go? As long not Europe countries then it is fine,” she said.

“Japan or Korea,” I said.

“Can, maybe we can go to Hokkaido which mommy’s friend went, say very nice and stay at the ski resort there,” she said.

Those sentences left me astounded. SKI RESORT? But I mustn’t put such high hopes on going to Japan since I still have yet to think about the money where my parents need to support me throughout my education. Dear lord, please let me complete my portfolio fast enough so my dad would take a leave out of my book and stop pestering me.

My dad surprised me yesterday but popping this question

“What do you want for you graduation present?”

I nearly died choking on my food whereas my brother said,

“Since when got such thing?”

“Papa say so got,” was my dad’s reply.

“I don’t know one…I don’t have this thing also,” my brother said.

“Cause you are still in secondary school whereas I finished my 3 years in college,” I said.

“Chi…” was the reply.

But I didn’t answer my dad because I have no idea what I want for my graduation present. Should I asked him to give me cash which I think it would be the last thing my dad would do if I suddenly ask him to give me a few thousands. Joey suggested that I should get a doll but I asked my mom light heartedly

“Daddy was giving me a graduation present; can I ask him to give me a doll?”

“What kind of doll, you are talking about?” she asked.

“The ones that Joey has?” I replied.

“Huh?? Those? Cannot! So freaky,” she said.

So I was back to square one of thinking of what to get. Any suggestions?


Nicole said...

aiih, just ask him to give u some cash and get the doll urself... easy!!!lol...it's been a while since you've posted (;_;)

alwizhyper said...

lol, like i have said. my dad wouldnt give me a few thousands..TAT so like..yeah..sorry for havent posting, nothing much that i wanted to write. hehe