Thursday, February 8, 2007

Chapter: Unlucky day

Today it seems to be a very unlucky day for me. It all began when I have to wake up in early in the morning so my sister and I could head off to One Utama to shop for some household items. After buying stuffs from Giant, we head off to my car to dunk the things inside because it was too much for us to carry around. Then later we had lunch at Uncle Chin…so you might be wondering, all and all it is going fine, what do I mean by the unlucky day right?

It is because, after Uncle Chin, we stopped by at the shop called Walk-In to see some shoes there, and after that shop, we head off to Vincci which later I realized when we were paying for my shoe, my hand phone was missing. To make matter worse, while I was rushing to all the places which I have been, my sandals decides to break on me and I had to walk bare-footed around the complex while searching for my phone. My sister said that I would fit perfectly well in Australia because the people there sometimes walk bare-footed around the complex. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it anymore because someone might just take it and sell it off to gain some cash which is pretty dumb due to the fact that I am using a really old model of a Sony Ericsson and it isn’t worth much anyway.

On the brighter side of things, at least I managed to get a new pair of sandals and shoes. So I didn’t feel bad at all for losing my phone even though I have to key in all my contacts again. Thank goodness that I have another phone which I have some contacts keyed in there. Nevertheless, this is also could mean that I might get a new phone but I wouldn’t put my hopes on it too much. I have already gotten my new sim card but I just have to go to the trouble of keying the numbers again. My parents were too mad with me for losing my hand phone surprisingly, they were just more concern whether I have keyed in any personal details such as pin numbers and what not.

Luckily, I never save anything important details in my hand phone because I chose to memorize it myself. Despite the fact that I also never key in my parents’ numbers or my house numbers but only my siblings seem pretty odd but heck, at least there is some numbers I can remember with my low memory capacity. The moment I lost my hand phone I called Joey to inform her about it and luckily I actually memorized her number. I don’t know whether there are other friends who were sending me important messages through my previous line.

I am just thinking that whoever took my phone would either be happy that they have a cooler phone because I have some pictures there which are memorable yet I don’t feel the pain of losing them. Saved messages which are sweet were in there and also music which I got from multimedia messages, could be regain back again because for once, those forwarded messages will come back to you again and also, the songs I could easily get them next time. Not forgetting about the contacts, I could just ask from my friends again, online or when they send me a message and I have to boldly ask them who they are.

It is quite funny because Sylvia lost her hand phone quite recently too and now it is my turn. I guess it is my fault for being careless and misplacing my phone even though I thought that I really did put it back in my hand bag. Oh well, it isn’t the end of the world but heck, looking on the bright side, at least I have completed my shopping for Chinese New Year.


Nicole said...

aww.... at least you can get new shoes and a new phone right? ^^ that's nice... my phone is a really lame one too,... I wanna change it if i can... sighz

alwizhyper said...

yeah, at least i got NEW shoes! hehehe =D

Nicole said...

lol I WANT!!!!