Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Chapter: The Conversation

I shall begin my story of waking up at ten in the morning because I had a phone call from Joey because she is worried whether her boy has arrived. To those who are wondering what I meant by “boy” it is basically a doll, a ball jointed type of doll which cost around a thousand and they are beautiful. Hope that it is clear enough for you to understand. Furthering on my story, later on in that hour which is almost eleven, my mom asked me to accompany her to the agency where we can hire maids because she is afraid that they wouldn’t be any parking space so I have to sit in the car and drive it around.

Luckily enough my mom managed to find a parking space and I had to get down from the car and follow her to the agency. When all the procedures were done, more like what she had wanted to do, we were on our way home when my mom received a call from her friend, whom I shall addressed as Aunty Helen. If you are wondering how in the world I could hear their phone conversation, simple. It was on loudspeaker mode.

“Hi Catherine, I want to ask you something, want to go to Rain’s concert with me?” she asked.

“Hi Helen dear. Why now you ask me? At first I wanted to go and I was asking my daughter to go with me but she doesn’t like Rain. I thought mostly the young teenagers are crazy over him and I didn’t know that my age group of people who is crazy of Rain. So I agreed to follow my husband for this open house dinner thingy,” my mom replied.

“Aiya, like that ah…,”Aunty Helen said.

“Yalor, if you have asked me earlier, like last week I would have agreed. But now so hard because I cannot say no to the other party hor,” my mom said.

“True true,” Aunty Helen agreed.

“Eh Helen, you know the Taiwanese show Lavender hor, you must watch! Aiyo, the guy Ambrose Hsu so good looking! When I watch that show I keep repeating the show.” my mom excitedly said.

“I think I have seen him before. But I don’t like Taiwanese show. The story line, so boring wor,” she replied.

“Aiyah, I also don’t like Taiwanese show but when erm, I forgot her name lend me her cd’s hor she said, you watch this show and you see the guy you sure fall in love one!” my mom said with a laugh. “Wah, when I saw the show, I really fell in love with him! Aiyo, so good looking. When I lend my other daughter, Su Yee to watch she can come to me and say, Mommy I want to date him.”

I was practically sitting in the car trying not to laugh with the phone conversation they were having but there is more…

Laughter was heard from both sides and Aunty Helen said, “This Ambrose Hsu, very familiar his name…”

“Go online now and search Google and type Ambrose Hsu, his name is spelt A-M-B-R-O-S-E H-S-U” my mom said.

“Later lah I go watch, you know Cat, my daughter keep saying Mommy, why you keep watching this shows and going crazy over the guys. Normally we all do this, not you people wor,” Aunty Helen explained.

“Helen, like I always say to people, I am 48 but 21 at heart! I don’t mind telling people my age as long I also tell them how I feel at heart. The most important thing I am always 21 at heart,” my mom said with a laugh.

“Ya, ya Cat. I keep telling people I am 50 going on 16!” Aunty Helen said and started laughing her head off. “And then people will look at me and say how can!”

“Never mind Helen, we people may look old but we are forever young at heart. See, I am 21 at heart can go party with my eldest daughter,” my mom said.

“Oh ya, Cat, you got watch this show, I forgot the title already, I stole from my daughter because I saw her watching it and a lot of pretty boys. You must watch, later I drop by your office tomorrow and give it to you,” Aunty Helen said.

“Lend me hor, really ar?” my mom asked.

“Yeah, must see! I lend you,” Aunty Helen said.

“Wah, thank you dear,” my mom said with a loud laugh.

“Don’t thank me; I just take from my daughter. Normally these teenagers go crazy over them, but we all also join in the craze,” Aunty Helen replied. “Okay lah, I see you tomorrow. If I don’t, I just drop it in your letterbox hor.”

“Okay okay. Thank you yah, bye bye.”


Then they hung up and I looked at my mom and said, “Crazy people.”

“What crazy, that is the whole fun of it,” my mom said with a smile.

Who knew that my mom and her friends would go fan-girl-ing over Korean artistes or Taiwanese artistes? Man, I should be at home more often. Nevertheless, it was pretty amusing to hear the conversation just now though with the overly used of lahs, yahs, aiyos, wahs, hors, ars, well, it is just another typical Malaysian talk. I do it too all the time. Just that I don’t type it in my journal.

Oh, surprisingly yesterday was much a crazy day for me. Even though I was dying from the gastric pains I am having, I was laughing till my sides ache. Banging heads with Sylvia. Okay, that was exaggerated. It is more like, Sylvia and I decided to hug each other but in the end we ended up banging our heads at each other by accident. Further more, I had someone saying the sweetest things to me online and also received hugs. Thank you. That made me feel better and I could actually see the whole in a bright new perspective again. The things you did, actually made me moved on. Good bye to old flame. Welcoming the new ones. To my mates, you know you what you did and I thank you for it! Love you guys!


Nicole said...

awww... I love you too....

alwizhyper said...


i love you too!

joey said...

Wahsei, damn fangirl, can? XD;
Your mom very yeng eii, fangirl kaukau.

........Tak cukup hugs, kahh? XD

alwizhyper said...

hey, you can never get enough of hugs!
they are remedies!! yeah..hugs are remedies! =P