Monday, January 22, 2007

Chapter: The Joint and the Block

On Saturday, I went to the Joint after my church mass because I was invited by this junior of mine named Bard. Anyway, Sylvia and I came early somehow and we hung out at Pyramid eating KFC for dinner and just walking around. Later by 10pm, we went to the Joint meeting up with Bard and another junior who came, Johnny.

In the beginning, it was pretty bland due to the fact that everyone was watching the football game. Then after the game itself, then the DJ started to play some songs. At first it was the 80’s music then later it slowly played some music which us, teenagers listen to.

We were serve some drink which it has some alcohol in it but not that much and I asked Sylvia, “Have you drink alcohol before?”

“Nope, I never did. Not even once.” she replied.

A burst of panic swarmed over me and I said, “Err, can you take alcohol?”

“I don’t know…”she said

I told Bard and Johnny that Sylvia can’t take alcohol so Bard who knows the boss of the place decided to get her something not alcohol, like ice lemon tea. But Sylvia seems to be happy sipping her ice lemon tea and at times also taking a sip from her alcohol drink. So she alternatively sips a bit of that alcohol drink and then takes a sip from her ice lemon tea. Then we just sat there and chat, well, basically I did most of the talking with Bard and Johnny while Sylvia kept quiet throughout the day unless I speak to her.

Then Joey and Regine arrived at the Joint and we just sat down and talked with each other. Then a funny thing happened. Joey and Regine went to the toilet while the boys went out to promote the place or something. This is what I saw Sylvia do…she took Joey’s drink and sipped it and put it back again. I just looked at her and said, “Sylvia, if you really want one that badly, I will order it for u.” And that is what I did. I called for the bartender, a very hot young lady and ordered the drinks.

Joey and Regine came back from their trip from the bathroom and I told her what Sylvia did and Sylvia just smiled shyly. The drinks came and she was asking me, “I want ice lemon tea.”

“Never mind, you drink this so you don’t have to steal sips from us. Just a glass, okay?” I said

“I want ice lemon tea,” she said while smiling.

I didn’t know what to do next. But in the end she managed to drink finish her drink by pouring some to refill Johnny’s drink and mine. I think that night where the girls get free drinks. So we always getting refills for free besides having Bard saying, “Just say me. Put it under my name.”

While laughing and joking with each other, then Bard was waiting for his music to come on so he can dance. We asked, “What song are you going to dance too?”

“Justin Timberlake.” was the reply.

After few rounds of the 80’s then suddenly Bard’s song came. We all looked at him and he was already heading towards the small dance floor at the Joint. Before he went, he said to me, “After I go, come and dance with me and drag the rest with you.” My reaction was, “I got two left feet and the last thing you want to do with me, is to bring me on the dance floor.” Anyway, on with the story, Bard is a superb dancer. He just hit it on the dance floor as though the world isn’t there but just him. While he was dancing to the music, I realized that he kept looking at our table asking us to come out and dance. I looked at Johnny and pestered him to go out, then at Regine. Well, all I know that Regine does go to clubs so she should be able to dance. But I guess she was too shy therefore she didn’t.

The song ended and Bard also completed his dance. Claps were applauded and the boss of the Joint gave Bard a drink. He came back sweating and I asked, “Aren’t you hot wearing two shirts?”

“Oh, the other is singlet,” he replied. “I called you to come and dance, why didn’t you?”

“You were dancing so well, that’s why I decided to give you the spotlight,” I teased.

Bard just laughed. All of us were telling him how well he danced just now. Johnny on the other hand was asking me to get refills for him because we girls have free refills. Later the boss came and just started refilling our cups and he placed a pitcher, well, almost a pitcher I guess on the table. I preferred the first batch of drinks because after that refill, it became way bitter and sour at the same time. But nevertheless, I just kept on drinking.

Regine just became tipsy and she was rocking back and forth her chair. Joey and I were worried because she was driving home and Joey decided to take her drink away from her but Regine kept denying that she is drunk and drank some more. Thank goodness she had to go home before 12am therefore she wasn’t able to drown herself in alcohol. Her movements were swaying and I was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to drive back. The boys went to walk the girls to the car; Sylvia had to go home too.

Only Joey and I just left at the Joint and we just started talking and she was telling me things which I won’t be writing it down though she did tell me some interesting facts which she found out that night. Then while we were stuck into that particular topic, Bard came back without Johnny. Then we three sat down at the Joint, talking.

Then suddenly we noticed that the lady customer dragged the boss of the Joint out for a dance. Funnily enough, the boss was reluctant and kept pulling his arm from her grasp. It was amusing. After that, the customer gave up and danced with her partner. It was so sweet that I could die from it. Then we discussed about things where I found out how obsessed Johnny was with Regine. But I guess he isn’t anymore and also we found out that Johnny went home with Regine. On the lighter note, Regine reached home safe and sound because she sent a text message to Joey. Thank goodness. When I asked Bard how much the bill was so I could pay him back, he said it is okay and I was surprised.

Then Joey said she wants to walk for a while to get rid of the smell of alcohol from her so her mom wouldn’t know. We thought that Bard was going to head home too because he stays in PJS9 which is just nearby but in the end he walked us to my car. After he left, Joey and I just hung around some more and started talking about serious things. We just sat in the car for quite a long time and in the end we went back home around two in the morning if I can remember it correctly. It was pretty fun that night even though we just basically did nothing but just sat there talking.

On a random note, I just found out that my ex had blocked me from MSN and also I guessed that he has blocked my best mates from it too. I was wondering why he is reacting this way and when I asked my pet brother, Nicklaus, he said “Just forget about him. He is just being childish by blocking you or even ignoring you. Forget him!”

“I’m trying. It is odd and hurtful to me, but I am trying,” I said when I felt tears in my eyes.

“You don’t cry okay? He is just being childish. If he wants to be that way, block him on MSN too!” Nick said

I laughed and replied, “How am I supposed to block him on MSN when he has already blocked me?”

A moment of paused and his reply, “Never mind. Just forget him okay? He is just being childish. Even I don’t block my ex from my MSN nor delete her pictures. I just take them out from Friendster and put them in another folder.”

“Okay, I will try. Thanks Nick, talking to you makes me better,” I said

“I know, I’m a great guy. I can’t help myself you know?” he teased.

“Nick, tonight we go out for a drink. Can?” I asked.

“Sure, no problem,” he said. “What time are you free?”

“I don’t know because I have to pick my siblings up from school at 3.30pm. I will call you? Today you can go out anytime, right?” I asked.

“Yeah, I guess after I clean my room. You remember the pile of mess you saw in my room that day?” he asked

“Yeah, what about it?” I said

“My mom said that I have to clean that mess up for Chinese New Year. So I guess I better start now if not I can’t go out,” he said.

“Okay, will call you when I am free or at college or something,” I said with a laugh.

We hung up and surprisingly, the tears that I felt coming suddenly faded away. The power of what friends can do to you though I still feel empty inside. Guess when Nick comes or when I go to college, I shall seek a hug from someone. Hope that I will feel better after finding the hugs I seek and will be able to forget him from now on. I do say that I have to forget him but my mind isn’t functioning to process that. Nicole asked me to kill him in my mind but I told her that it is hard to do so.

I guess I am pretty lucky in sense that I have people around me to support me when I am falling down. I should repay them by standing up again on my own and show them how strong I have become instead. I know that I was broken down the first time and I managed to stand back again. Even though I felt down harder this time, I know that I will stand back up again and will become stronger than I used to be.

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