Friday, January 19, 2007

Chapter: Alone at Home

It isn’t often that I get to stay in my own house alone most of the time. Even though if my family is away, I am mostly being accompanied by my maid, but this time, it is different and I get the entire house to myself. It isn’t everyday I get this chance.

At first my family were telling me my errands to do and making sure that I listen to every single detailed errand they listed out for me, and sometimes it makes me wonder whether they still treat my like a kid. I mean, I MAY act like one, but I do know how to think sometimes. Anyway, furthering on with my story…

Went to college and did some recordings for the sounds for my group’s animation but all in all, it turned out to be quite a sad recording day. I was feeling off colour with my flu, cough and slight sore throat. Basically I was just holding on to that particular strand of energy stored in me to keep continuing on with the recording. I went home by 12am which was pretty much earlier than I usual do, rushed all the way home and enjoy the moments of being alone at home.

Normally, I would hang out with Joey and sleep at her place but this time, I just felt that I want to be alone. Oddly, it felt pretty fun! I watched some stupid movies with made my IQ level went down to -10.

The movies that Jessie watched

  1. Himalaya Singh
  2. My Super Ex Girlfriend
  3. Men Suddenly in Black 2.

Anyway, after watching those movies, at least I can say that Himalaya Singh is the last show that I was to watch again. I slept at 6am and woke up by 3pm because I felt as though my body is suffering from some odd disease that wouldn’t allow me to get up properly. Well, by 3pm even though I felt as though my body weigh a ton I pulled myself together and just came to the computer and do my things.

A downside of staying alone is that your mind tends to wander and it isn’t a good thing for me because I do tend to think a lot of things which I know that I am not supposed to be thinking. But I can’t help myself if I accidentally think those things right? I admit, being alone at home is really fun but it somehow ended my enjoyment of being alone that night because I thought too much. Thinking too much until I started to cry. I couldn’t call anyone because it was really late, I think it was around 530am. I haven’t cried for such a long time. I didn’t know that once I let it out, everything came. When it comes to emotions, guessed that I am pretty fragile. Bundling up your emotions is a bad thing to do but yet I still do it. I really can’t avoid being the stubborn person as I am.

Hope that I wouldn’t break down and cry again like that time during Joey’s birthday I was heading to toilet in my college and suddenly a burst of memories came flowing into me and I couldn’t take it and just broke down crying. I send a text message to my pet brother, Nicklaus and his reply was,

“Where are you now?”

“At college,” I said

“You stay there, I am coming now. I just finished watching Night at the Museum,” he said

“You don’t have to come. I will be fine, don’t need to visit me,” I said.

“I am at Pyramid, just finished watching the movie so I can visit you. I don’t care. I will be downstairs, you don’t come down I will find you then you know,” he replied

“Okay, see you later,” I said.

When he came, he quickly gave me a hug and I felt really thankful that he came after all. Unfortunately, when he gave me the hug, I felt like crying all over again. I think it is because I was seeking a hug from a person who really cared. I bundled up all my strength to make sure I won’t break down and cry. Luckily, Nicklaus made some jokes to cheer me up and I also met two of his friends, Lisa and Shaun and actually it made me feel better because Lisa and Shaun were teasing Nicklaus and I also managed to find out something new about him too. At least I managed to get a few laughs to enlighten up my mood.


Nicole said...

aww... get well soon... I also feel a bit under the weather these days... the dark and coldness of my room really makes me terribly depressed too... and 99.9% of the time I won't have people coming to cheer me up, so you are one lucky girl.

alwizhyper said...

thanks nicky! =) at least you will have Yong Tat now.. *coughs* =P

Nicole said...

lol... no la... we're not together at all... I dunno what he's thinking... >.< so confused

alwizhyper said...

men are confusing at times =.=

Nicole said...

they definitely are...sighs...