Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Chapter : Back to College

Today, I’m back to college, sitting here in front of the computer and practically spacing out while waiting for my team leader to give me the instructions so I could begin my work. Upon waiting, I was browsing through the normal sites which I normally go and doing what every other normal human would do of course, surf the web.

Sides doing surfing the net, I was chatting with my fellow mates from all over the world...Okay, that sounds exaggerating but it is almost to a certain point, true. Talking to one of my friends from UK and he accidentally brought up the question which I’m hoping not to hear, but can’t avoid it one way or another. “How are you and your bf going on?”

Part of me wanting to tell him that it is fine but another part of me is dying to tell all my thoughts about what has happened between me and him recently. Unfortunately, the dying to tell my thoughts part overwhelmed me and I told almost…well, I think it is almost everything to him. I told my friend, Jack who was from the UK about the findings of my own boyfriend’s history chats with his god sister saying that he loves her and misses her, saying that I’m such a lousy girlfriend to him and also wishing that she was here right now so he could kiss her. All these things which haunts me I couldn’t erase them from my mind no matter how much I wish it would. I told Jack about my confrontation with him due to the fact that I couldn’t take it anymore and also what happen during the confrontation where my own boyfriend wasn’t guilty about the entire matter but was just blasé on this matter.

Jack was helpful in giving me the advices and managed to cheer things up for me by saying that he would do a James Bond move and annihilate her since he is at UK and she is studying in the UK. Upon on him telling me this triggered me to imagine him though I haven’t seen him in real life, but somewhat imagining him dressed up in a expensive suit which would cost almost to a few thousands and being all suave and mysterious. But somehow, I felt that Jack couldn’t pass the suave stage in my imagination. But nevertheless, it is amusing enough to me.

Since it is the New Year’s, I guess I have to come up with my new year’s resolution and hope that I would fulfill them this time.

Jessie’s New Year’s Resolution

1. Lose weight

2. Focus on my damn final school project
3. Save money
4. Make up mind of what to do after college

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