Tuesday, January 2, 2007

A Chapter to Begin my Story

This is another new blog to start a story of my life. This isn’t your typical kind of blog where I would type it as though it is from my thoughts; it is more a story based blog where words are stringed together to form a story of my life. Long-winded and full of things that happen in my life, that is how I wanted it to be. If you are willingly to spend hours or minutes just to read my stories I have written, though it is not a superb story that what every author conjured up filling it with fantastic words and great storylines, I give you my uttermost thanks from the bottom of my heart.

I’m just a normal teenager turning to the age of 20 at the year of July 2007. I have finally completed my 3 years course of Digital Animation at the One Academy therefore now I’m currently looking for a job or furthering my studies overseas. Hobbies and interests there are too many to list down but one thing I mainly love to do is gaming, reading and just hanging out with my best buddies. I’m the second oldest child in the family, having one elder sister and two younger brothers. I can’t think anymore of what to write about myself, but that somewhat summarized everything about me. Almost.

This particular blog would be my domain where I will write a story of my life, not everyday but the days when I’m bored or just find anything interesting that happened in my life I would write it here.

This ends my introduction chapter. Not so much of an introduction, does it?

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