Monday, August 22, 2011

Chapter : Progress!

Today I feel so proud of myself. I managed to do some exercise for once in my entire lifetime living as a sloth. The boyfriend came around to teach me some couch potato exercise routine. It‘s fun having someone to accompany you because it takes your mind off things...but the boyfriend said that I must learn to do it on my own when he can’t make it. 

For a person who doesn’t exercise, surprisingly I’m able to complete the entire routine for the day! I have never felt so proud in my lifetime! It’s like, climbing Mount Everest and reaching the PEAK! Cut me some slack here, I’m happy! Plus I have to thank the boyfriend for constantly encouraging me and coaxing me to go for a run with him. Hopefully I wouldn’t be so tired tomorrow. 

Before the run today, I managed to meet up with the girls. The last time I met them was on my birthday and we’re meeting again this Saturday to celebrate Yuki’s birthday! Dinner and karaoke again! Just the past weekend I was at my hometown to celebrate my grandmother’s birthday and we too had dinner and karaoke sessions. Unfortunately, my aunts were dominating the karaoke machine with their Chinese songs and some aunts, really can’t sing.

There are not words to describe how tone-deaf they are...I know that I’m tone-deaf too but I think I can belt out a tune occasionally. But, some people like to say, when it comes to karaoke sessions, no one is going to bother whether you can sing or not. It’s all for the fun!


mr jp said...

This is a good start ok!

alwizhyper said...

hehehe, yeap!! :>

taking one step at a time! :)