Friday, August 26, 2011

Chapter : How?

Yesterday I continued my little exercise routine. This time it’s without the boyfriend though...he said he was going to run around his house. It was quite hard for me to estimate the time because I should run and walk so I just set an alarm that whenever one minute is up, I would switch from walking to jogging and vice versa. Plus, I didn’t count how many sets I was doing so I think I might did it less or more. I think more is better compared to less of course.

Anyway, my colleagues will be on leave because of the Raya celebration so most of them will be heading back to their hometown and the office would be really quiet and I would be the only one there apart from the office coordinator, two managing directors and two programmers. Going to have a quiet week during the Raya holidays I guess, unless someone plans something. Who knows?

These days my brain is being “overload” with thoughts. One of them is my work, I have been thinking of a career change. To do something that’s not related to what I have studied. But my concern is WHAT? What am I able to do? This I have to start thinking, what are my capabilities? What are my goals? What do I want to achieve? Would I might starting from the bottom and slowly work my way up? Would my parents support me? Would they guide me to the right path? I’m afraid of changes at times, but I feel that it must be done to achieve better things in life. 

Maybe I need a new hobby...break away from my usual reading or watching cartoons on my laptop. Start crafting? Start...I have no idea what other hobbies to do. Something to keep me occupied and let my mind off things. I want to put my mind to rest. It’s making me restless and confused. It’s giving me unnecessary stress and worries. 

How do I stop this? Can I just GIVE up?

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