Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chapter : Facial Session

I have been back in Malaysia for a week now and am settling around nicely. Still have to meet up with my friends and find a job. Anyway, today for the first time I actually had a facial. My mom decided that I needed one since I had some allergic reaction which started from my chest up to my face. It’s better now, just that the scars on my body and face would take some time to heal.

So the lady came to the house in the morning with her daughter (3 years old) and her maid. Her daughter was so adorable! Dressed in Ultraman clothes and Spiderman slippers while carrying a pink Barbie bag, she stared at me as though I was someone from another planet or something. I smiled and asked her, “Harlo, how are you?” she ignored me. Then I found out that she only response to Mandarin instead of English. She was really excited to be in a ‘new’ place because she was skipping around the house until I suggested whether she would like to go to the playground.

After guiding the maid and the little chickadee to the playground, the facial lady began her work. Funnily enough, she was speaking to me in Mandarin all the time and I was struggling to converse with her. I understood most of the stuffs she was asking but I couldn’t reply back. So I replied her in English, but I carefully chose my words because English wasn’t her main language.

First she slathers some cream on my face and massages it. Then she would wash it off with two sponges soaked in water and continued the same procedure twice. After that, she steamed my face to open up the pores so she could pinch all the gritty blackheads on my face. I have no idea what she used but it was painful! My eyes were closed but I could feel my tears all building up from the pain. At least now my face is clearer now…red but clearer. Then she put another cream on my face which hardens then she put a cooling mask and let me rest there for 20 minutes while she gave me some shoulder massage. 

She left me there while she went to see her daughter at the playground. Soon after she was back, but it wasn’t time to remove the mask. Even though I had the mask on, I could “feel” my surroundings…her daughter was so curious she stood nearby me and said in Mandarin, “Is she sleeping? I want to see” I wanted to laugh but I couldn’t. After 20 minutes, she removed the mask and put on some more cream on my face and gave me a facial massage PLUS a scalp massage. Then when everything was completed, she gave me a quick BACK massage. Then while she was massaging me, she said, “Why are you so skinny? Don’t you eat?” Why is everyone saying that to me? I DO eat. 

After the facial lady left, my mom called asking me how was it and stuffs…Well, it’s okay actually though the only painful part was the ‘extracting’ of the blackheads. Other than that, it’s fun…I have no idea whether my mom wants me to have a monthly facial session but I do know that my mom does have it every single month and this is what she said, “Your mother not that young anymore, so she needs facial session to be pretty.” 


jasonphoon said...

You eat so little .. time to fatten you up

( ^____^)

alwizhyper said...

for you to pinch right? :P