Saturday, September 18, 2010

Chapter : I'm BLIND.

Whenever I see someone wearing glasses, I will always ask them the ever famous question, “How high is your power?”

You see, I was diagnosed with the lazy-eye, also known as Amblyopia (just found that out today) at the age of four. It all happened when my parents noticed that their beloved daughter was watching the TV in a very funny way. Her head would be turned in a 3/4 view and she would peer at the TV with the corner of her right eye. This went on for quite a while until my dad decided to bring me to see an eye specialist. 

So after finding out that I had the lazy-eye, the doctor recommended my dad to bring me to see another doctor that specializes in the treatment of the lazy-eye. I remember that after seeing that doctor, I had to wear this particular eye patch over my right eye and I didn’t want to go to school because I was so embarrassed that I had the huge eye patch over my right eye. I got teased a lot back then…

Then I also remembered that after school or during the weekends I would go to the clinic and they would put me in a room where I had to trace some pictures of Winnie the Pooh characters and some others. Maybe that’s when I developed my passion for art, who knows? 

Now I’m cured from the lazy-eye condition though my power on my left eye is currently 700 whereas my right eye is currently 400. It actually went up by 50 last year and my eye doctor told me to see him when I return to Kuala Lumpur. I hope that this time, my power is currently stable and would maintain that way for the rest of my life. 

When I tell friends about my glasses power they would go, “Jessie, you’re blind.” Yes, I am. Steal my glasses and I would be helpless. 

To show you how blind I am, see below.

This is what people with perfect vision see. I hate you guys. Nah, I kid. I'm just jealous and want to have your eyes instead.

This is what I see without my glass or contact lenses.
The moral of the story is...those with perfect vision, TREASURE it! You don’t want to end up like me unless like someone decides to sponsor me to go under laser surgery or probably just wake up one day and realize that I have perfect vision again! Hey, one can hope, right?


waffles said...

If you're blind , you can use earth-bending to sense the vibrations around to "see"!

alwizhyper said...

and i would give up shoes and walk around barefooted. :P

yuinpang said...

*hugs* If you lost your glasses, you will still hv us to guide you around~

alwizhyper said...

thank you dear! <3 as long you dont lead me all until masuk longkang! :P *hugs*