Friday, August 20, 2010

Chapter : Sleeping Positions and Habits.

Growing up, we have many types of sleeping positions or habits. Whether it is sleeping on your side, on your back, some impossible pose that will make us question what your body is made of or have funny sleeping habits where you would toss and turn to a certain number of times and then would be able to sleep. 

I too once was a victim of this position... 

When I was younger (my, there’s a lot of post about my younger days, eh?) my mom told me that I was a still and quiet sleeper but my sister said otherwise. It’s because my sister and I shared rooms and beds for years until she went off to Australia to study and then decided to stay there. She said that I was a kicker in bed which means that the person unconsciously kicks things such as pillows or blankets…and also will inflict pain on the person sharing the bed next to the kicker.

I then began to realize that I have funny sleeping habits that I possess. 
  1. I MUST have a blanket covering me in order to sleep.
  2. When I sleep on my side, I would have one hand under the pillow.
  3. When I sleep on my back (which is rarely) I cross my arms.
Now, I still have these funny sleeping habits but I grew out of my kicking one. There was this time where my boyfriend saw me sleeping and said (something similar along these lines…memory very vague):

“You know, you sleep so quiet! Like a dead person…I thought you died or something. Maybe next time I would have to check whether you are still breathing or not. Just in case.”

I found this online, so which type are you? Do you have any interesting sleeping positions or habits?

Where's the one hand under pillow position?

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