Monday, August 23, 2010

Chapter : Horror Flicks and I Don't Mix

Today’s blog post was inspired because Sylvia was doing her assignment on horror movie flicks. I myself am not a fan of it. Put it this way, if I would have to choose watching Twilight and a horror movie flick, I rather watch Twilight. That’s how much I hate horror movies. 

So you might ask why do I hate it? Well, I believe that I always have a very wild and vivid imagination and whenever someone describes me something I could picture it in my mind but could never draw it out on paper. Like when reading books and I would imagine how the characters would look like befitting the characteristics as how the author have described them. 

Once, I kid you not..a friend was explaining to me how some ghost from the Japanese horror flick Ju-On looked like in full detail, something about a lady that crawls on all fours and stuffs…I could actually pictured it in my head and it send shivers down my spine, plus I actually dreamt it later on that particular night and there goes my beautiful peaceful sleep as I lay awake in my bed trying not to close my eyes as I know that I would dream about that horrible creature again. 

Friends find it amusing to con me into watching horror flicks with them because they like to see my reaction whenever these things pops out from the screen and scared the shit out of you. To be honest, I get scared easily. If I’m totally in my own world, the smallest prod would scare me shitless. In my entire life, I was conned into watching TWO horror flicks thanks to my lovely best friends. One was some zombie movie and the other was the Omen. My friends enjoyed the movie while half the time I was closing my eyes and ears while imagining rainbows, ponies and unicorns. 

Also there was this time where I had a small tiny television in my room (years back) and it was the month of the Hungry Ghost Festival or something and I dared myself to watch this Chinese horror flick entitled Dial D for Demon. 

Movie that made me shat brix

I watched 1/3 of the movie and then I stopped. I couldn’t bring myself to complete watching the entire movie as I was already hiding under the blanket , covering my ears and possibly shat brix along the way too. Then that night, I tried sleeping in my own little bed but I couldn’t because the fear of dreaming the horrible stuffs I watched from that particular movie. So I snuck onto my sister’s bed when she was asleep (we shared rooms) and slept there together with her. She gave an annoying grunt because I was invading her space but nevertheless allowed me to bunk in with her on her tiny bed. That allowed me to sleep peacefully throughout the night. 

Thank God for elder siblings, no?

Crap. I shouldn’t be typing this when I’m alone at university at 12.31 am. Now I have to worry about scary things that would jump and attack me whenever I go out to use the bathroom or fill up my bottle water. 

EDIT: I can't stop looking at the door to check whether there would be random things looking in at me. CRAP. I need happy pills damn it cause happy thoughts are not working! 

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