Monday, December 1, 2008

Chapter : Jin meets Nicolekiss the blogger.

I was supposed to blog about this but I forgot and well, I was lazy. So this is it.

I have ordered something from Nicolekiss’s (the uber famous blogger besides many others like Kenny Sia, Pink Pau, Cheesie and so on) online boutique and well, actually I didn’t order it, more like I pestered Jin to order it for me and I promised that I will pay him back when I return. So after giving Jin the ID numbers for the items I wanted, he filled up the form and sends it to her.

Then the next day, if I do recall properly, he told me that he was meeting up with Nicole to get the stuffs I ordered and I was like thinking “Woah! That’s pretty fast.” But on the other hand, I asked him,

“Why are you meeting up with her by the way?”

“Oh, because I send her an email saying that whether I could meet up with her because I’m afraid that I won’t be home to receive the stuffs,” he replied.

“Oh okay, so when are you meeting her?” I asked.

“In the afternoon, she called and she sounds really nice on the phone and all. Pretty cool,” he said.

“Make sure you take pictures of her!!!! Wait, I mean with her! So I can blog about this!!!” I said.

Jin was staring at me really weirdly because we were chatting through Skype via video call. This long distance thing works when you have video calls okay. If not you will get into a hissy fit and become old and wrinkly. Anyway, back to the story. I looked back at Jin and said,


“I have nothing to say,” he said.

“Well, just so you know, Nicole is from Malacca too! And she is also a Heng Hua and she is same age as my sister!” I said.

“Really? Cool,” he replied.

So anyway, fast forwarding to the day he met her. The conversation went like this, if I recall it properly…

“How did it go?” I asked.

“Nicole is really cool and also very nice plus she is very down-to-earth person,” he said.

“Really? I also want to go and see her! You’re so lucky. I’m envious,” I said.

“She is also very tall too. When I asked her to take a picture with me because I said that my girlfriend is a fan of her blog and reads it and wants a picture of you, she stood up she was like up to below my ear!” he said (while doing this hand gesture thing to show me where she measured by height. Remember, we are chatting via video call!)

“Really? I also want to be tall too! So envious,” I said.

Then I don’t remember the rest of the conversation anymore. Okay, I think that is pretty much how the conversation went…I can’t help it if my memory is only the capacity of 1MB. I have to delete all my other memories so I can have space for new ones. So I insert here the picture of my boyfriend with Nicolekiss.

Damn, I want to have a picture with her too! Hope that I am not violating any rights by posting up this picture.

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