Sunday, November 30, 2008

Chapter : The Explanation

The reason why I have been on a hiatus…
  1. Sleeping really late and waking up really late.
  2. Lazy.
  3. Playing Ragnarok Online!

If you are wondering what that is, well I really suck at explaining things so I shall input some screenshot of my character in game. I’m an assassin in the game and cards are really important in the game. Different cards, different attributes. You know what I mean? As for me, I’m a critical assassin and soldier skeleton cards are an important thing for me except that these stupid monsters don’t want to give me what I want. I have been hunting for a while now and still nothing.

I really want those cards!
Some random screenshots I took while I was playing

Ky and I are all shiny! Took us a while to reach to that stage.

After that we trans into high novice, looking like little chickadees. In Joey's words, brats.

Ky and I with our new jobs! I'm a high thief, he would probably, be a high priest.

Then after that, I changed jobs and became an assassin cross.

So that pretty much sums it all up! After that, when I return to Malaysia I would probably update less often because I will be spending my time eating and eating and eating. But I will try!

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