Thursday, September 25, 2008

Chapter : The Script

I stayed up all night typing my first draft for my script writing class. It was pretty amusing since it’s about a love story of a couple and I have no intention of getting in too much of the details. Let’s just say A met B fell in love, but A forced into arrange marriage. So that’s about it. I pity my boyfriend though because I forced him to stay up late just to help me construct the story and also thinking of dialogues that would be said by B.

Fortunately, my story is technically a love story so the lines that were to be said are pretty cheesy so Jin is the PERFECT candidate (and I literally mean perfect) to come up with cheesy lines. Unfortunately, his lines are so cheesy that it sends chills down my spine and I had to tell him that I don’t want my script to be having such corny words.

I think I have hurt his feelings when I said that because I know for a fact that he enjoys saying cheesy lines to me which half…okay, I should say MOST of the time I would destroy the moment by saying something random. Let me give you an example, I can’t think of any cheesy lines at the moment but I will give it a shot. When is Jin when you need him?

“You look really beautiful, I’m so happy that I’m together with you,” says Jin.

“Huh? Look, bird! Weeeee!” I replied.

Okay, that is the most awful example I have given. Even typing those words just gave me the heebie jeebies. But technically the situation would be almost as similar as that. Interesting, no?

Anyway, back to my story…Jin was helping me out with my script and we had a few laughs because I was explaining what is happening and he would try to help me out constructing the sentences. I don’t know why during that night, my English was pretty much primary school level because I have no idea what words to use and how to construct my sentences. Thank God for Jin!

Anyway, there is this one part of my story where I’m suppose to make A and B falling in love together and I have no idea how to establish that scene and was asking Jin for ideas. It was really funny because there is the brushing of hands, the looking into the eyes, the accidental grabbing hand stuffs (which I actually wrote all of them, mind you) is such a typical thing that I normally see in series or movies.

So after we completed that tedious part, I noticed that Jin was getting really tired and he has classes the next day so I shooed him off to bed. I quickly finished up my script and by the time I was done it was already 4 a.m. I watch a little video then I drifted off to dreamland.

Come to think about it, I have to present that stupid script after my one week break in front of so many people. Maybe I can hide myself in a tiny hole somewhere in class when they are reading my script. It’s because my lecturer is going to read it out loud and volunteers will be reading the dialogues that I have written loudly. i mean, typing the script myself gives me the heebie jeebies. Imagine hearing other people reading it out loud? I would probably die of embarrassment. Why didn’t I do something much simpler and more entertaining or something?


Eu Jin said...

Okay, I know I'm corny and cheesy, but am I that bad?! Glad I could help though sweetie. Look! A bird! *honks on car horn with butt*

Bea said...

LOL....i thought kelsie's the one who usually 'spoils' romantic moments...