Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Chapter : Last Sunday

Since in my previous blog entry I have stated that I would start doing some photo blogging but not really that often because it depends whether I do remember to bring my camera and be all trigger happy to take pictures on every single thing I do. I respect the people who have the determination to take pictures to continue their photo blog. I guess I’m more of the “text” person, typing loads of words making people who read my blog getting an eye sore.

Anyway, last Sunday, I joined Patrick and Min Wye and also their friends, John and Arthur, twin brothers for dim sum. Well, at first I was reluctant to go because the previous night I stayed up late just to complete my animatics since I would be going out for a mooncake party the next night. But nevertheless, I just ignored my tiredness and sleepiness and joined the for morning dim sum! And it was yummy, though not as yummy as the dim sum’s in Malaysia.

The sky was really lovely that morning; you don’t get to see a sky so blue back in Malaysia.

Isn't it lovely?

While fiddling with my camera in the car, thinking that this would be my first photo blog entry I decided to be all trigger happy to take pictures and decided to take a picture of my two housemates.

Jessie the stalker takes pictures of Patrick and Min

Upon arriving at our destination, the first dim sum place we were suppose to go was at Sunny Park somewhere in Sunnybank. I never had been into that restaurant before because the first time when they brought me, it was closed for renovation. When it reopened, I never expected for it to be so pack!

Look at that line!

People were actually waiting for hours just to get a table and also they were holding ticket numbers waiting anxiously for their number to be called. When we arrived there, the number we had was 70 something and I caught a glance of the number being called, and it was 40 something…I think.

Well, instead of focusing on the crowded place, something interesting caught my eye.

The king of crabs!

Have you seen such a HUGE crab? I have not. I really wanted to eat it because of its size and assuming that it would be superbly delicious if it was cooked in butter and curry…butter curried crab. Yum! My mouth is salivating already!

We decided to leave the place and head off to another dim sum place in Sunnybank. It was the Manors.

Before leaving to the Manors, Patrick was laughing at something amusing. This was the reason why.

Read the sign and you might understand why.

It meant for small cars, but I guess this person literally took it seriously.

When I entered the restaurant, I barely said a word and held up my hand showing there were five people including me that would be sitting at a table. Sadly enough, the waiter immediately spoke to me in Cantonese which reminds me of my days when I was studying back in The One Academy. Walking around in the mall and random tourists would come up to me and ask for directions either in Mandarin or Cantonese and I wouldn’t be able to reply and I would answer their questions in English instead. They just looked at me funny and run away. Such courtesy, don’t you think so?

I have been to the Manors before for late night supper I can recall with the rest of my housemates. The environment is very different from the dim sum place back in Malaysia though. If you recall back in Malaysia, people walking around holding trays and approaching your table and asks what dim sum you want and such but here, they don’t. Instead, they plop down a menu in front of us and we order by ticking a piece of paper.

Inside the Manors

The people that came for dim sum

I totally forgotten to take pictures of the food because I was busy eating them all. Well, the boys were talking about their stuffs so I decided to focus on shoving food down my throat. No wonder I have gained so much weight. It’s depressing. Anyway, I managed to take a picture of my plate after my meal.

Thank you for the meal!

Patrick asked me to put some food inside the Tupperware because he wanted to bring some lunch for my sister. It was all steamy because the food was hot and the little red colour thing on top of it was supposed to be let the steam “out”. It doesn’t seem to be working and I felt that the food will be all soggy from all the steam. My poor sister, she gets to eat soggy dim sum.

Soggy dim sum

After that, my camera died so I didn’t take any pictures after our breakfast. We went to visit my sister where she worked and I bought some lovely eye shadows! One was the purple shade, one was bluish-grey and the other is brown. we also went to Yuen’s market to get some groceries and I was dropped off at home to get ready for to meet up with my friends for mooncake party!

That somewhat summarized my Sunday and photo blogging seriously takes a lot of effort! I had to resize the picture because I didn’t want it to be so massively huge and taking up all the space and had to arranged them according to order because I uploaded it all in one page and it took me some time to moved them to their respective order.

Oh well, I seriously need to exercise now because I realized that my stomach is huge and when I bend my head down to look at my shoes, I feel a double chin. I’m chubby! I’m so going to lose weight now. Maybe starving myself and when I’m feeling faint, I would consume a cube of cheese! That line was so ripped off from the movie, Devil wears Prada. But heck, I wouldn’t be starving myself to that extend! Sheesh, I love my junk food and food itself! Damn. When I return to Malaysia, I would be a size of a tiny blimp. Meep!

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